A warehouse management system designed to empower businesses achieve their operational visibility and gain full and active control of all warehouse process..

Warehouse Management Systems


Our Warehouse management system will make the warehousing more efficient, accurate, and connected. The software computing the complex tasks faster and make them more user-friendly and simple. From years of experience we gained knowledge of warehouse operations and software management systems makes us an award-winning leader in our field.

The software uses the entire warehousing process from people and technology to streamline all functional areas of receiving, picking, packing, put-away, shipping and cycle counting. Our software is also having the ability to record the unique details of each stock item with the help of RFID Stock Management Controller. The system also combines wireless barcode scanners and radio frequency identification (RFID) together.

Multi-language support *

All modules of ALPHA-WMS are supported in Arabic. Additionally, we can customize the package for any language..


WINDOWS and WEB EDITIONS Software Versions available. Supports CROSS-PLATFORMS (Windows MOBILE, Android TAB, IPAD) regardless of any standard web Browsers is True Responsive Design.


The software Fully Integrated with our ALPHA-PRO Back-Office Inventory Accounting ERP software for Detailed Stock and Financial Accounting.


Multiple Locations with Multiple Counters Support, Multiple levels of Items pricing, Fingerprint, RFID, Magnetic Cards interface for Users, Barcode Generator and Label Printing.

Security and users

ALPHA-WMS Keep a firm grip on who is logging into your system and at what time by viewing the event log. Protect your business with defined security and determine what permissions each security profile will have. Each Screen and functions and Reports are completely under Security user levels.


ALPHA-WMS is a powerhouse software for viewing real time stock status from any mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, Tabs, android etc.) from anywhere in the world. The system fully Integrated with ALPHA-PRO Back-office Software.

Warehouse management Software

Major Benefits using alpha-whs Warehouse Management software

Goods Receiving

Goods receiving at the warehouse can be recorded against the purchase orders by scanning barcodes to make the process faster. Also it can alert the detail of Expected delivery from suppliers or other warehouses. Our Warehouse management software enables the warehouse operating team to plan in advance and manage expected deliveries and its allocation by Rack, Row and Bin etc. The Warehouse Management System optimizes goods receiving processes and will reduce receiving costs.


Our software having complete put-away options for each locations that are set up to use directed put-away and pick,the following settings are prerequisites for the procedure above:
1.In the software the user need to setup a put-away template.
2.Need to define the weight, cubage, and special storage requirements.
3.Also the capacity, bin type, and bin ranking need to be defined.
Based on the above the system will define the put-away locations to move the goods in.

Picking Solutions

The software having a module for planning for picking which will enhance the efficiency of picking. Mainly the system will enhance the follows:
? Delivery area ? Delivery method ? Date required.
The plan can be set up for pickup along with the orders entering in our software. Also the orders will be automatically assigned to the pick plan based on location and delivery plan by the customer. The module can allocate the picking by zone, by batch or each item separately. Scanning items when you pick them verifies that the right item at the right quantity is picked. The Inventory and stock lists will get updated. The stock reports can be send by email or by web portals to head office.

Shipping and Dispatch Management

Dispatcher has the possibility to combine many orders into one wave / batch that can be processed as one order. Then the Dispatchers can easily identify each order is properly packaged and shipped to the right destination. The Despatcher can change the order priorities by considering the method of transport or loading schedule on to a variety of vehicles and time of picking. If there is a delivery schedule changes the system automatically records the changes in the delivery of the shipment. Because the system recording all stock movements, the warehouse Manager can get an overview of all stock movement planner he will have flexibility to change stock shipping schedules if required.


Packing can be determines by the number of shipping cartons required for a single order based on product and carton dimensions. It also compares weight tolerance of both cartons and shippers. Pickers are then instructed to place product into the specific shipping carton that was pre-determined. So it ensure each order that is picked and reduce material costs by determining the right sized shipping carton.


Physical inventory in real-time and reduce the number of hours required for cycle counting. The software handles the proper classification of items into ABC groups for cycle counting. The implementation of comprehensive cycle counting solutions can result in operational efficiency gains of anywhere from 5 to 10 percent. The benefits of our cycle counting program include lower operating costs, improved service levels, improved shipping accuracy, and lower inventory levels.


The software can find the physical location of goods in the warehouse. Stock Locator feature having the capability to find stock in different warehouses. The software system can give a prior stock position for making sales order and purchase order processing. This feature can give an outlook of stock locations and can make stock movements / adjustments till bin-to-bin or between warehouses.

Task Manager

Assignment of tasks, groups of tasks is the major function controls the release and allocation of orders, deliveries and warehouse daily activities. It can also assign tasks to warehouse staff to achieve efficiency of activity during each day schedules to carry out stock replenishments, putaways and picks in a logical sequence.


Serial Number Tracking is the feature is necessary for any inventory management. ALPHA WMS is having the complete Serial Number Tracking function by lot and/or tracking specific serial numbered items.

Warehouse Inventory Management

From inventory control, shipping and receiving to order fulfillment our warehouse management software helps businesses to manage their warehouse properly by improving efficiency, accuracy and reporting.

Mobile Apps.

This warehouse inventory application gives you the ability to view current inventory locations, quantities available from our web portal and mobile. This apps will helps you to make timely and well-informed inventory transactions from wherever you are located. This comprehensive mobile application that will make warehouse staff more productive and handle inventory needs.

Warehouse Inventory Management

From inventory control, shipping and receiving to order fulfillment our warehouse management software helps businesses to manage their warehouse properly by improving efficiency, accuracy and reporting.


warehouse rfid systems


ALPHA-WMS automates your business processes, making them more efficient, less error-prone and a lot faster.


ALPHA-WMS integrates all parts of your business from planning and scheduling to production and distribution.


ALPHA-WMS empowers you to produce quality financial and boardroom reports, as well as to conduct analysis on the performance of your organization.


ALPHA-WMS connects you to manage the entire supply chain as well as customer relations to ensure transparency and ease of operations.


We ensure coherence by eliminating any scope of duplication and discontinuity and by effectively managing people working at cross purposes, in different parts of the organization.


WINDOWS and WEB EDITIONS Software Versions available. Supports CROSS-PLATFORMS (Windows MOBILE, Android TAB, IPAD) regardless of any standard web Browsers is True Responsive Design.

Transform your business with Alpha Cloud Solutions

We provide ALPHA-WMS in 3 Editions - Desktop, Web based live and Cloud based (monthly / yearly subscription).

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