Reseller Partner Programs

The Alpha Byte Partner program enables resellers, distributors, and network and security vendors to grow with predictable and recurring revenue through cloud based solutions. We are offering reseller programs to improve our reseller’s service delivery and reach their target markets faster. This allows them decide for the prices, offer their own support strategy and other packages and services to their customers.

Alpha Byte Reseller Program
Sales and Marketing Support

Sales and Marketing Support

We provide an assortment of key advertising resources that will help our partners reach their prospects. Also we are allowing our partners to use our company’s brands and logos on different marketing materials. Our resellers can market our solutions to their existing markets, hence improving our company’s brand awareness. While we offer marketing guidelines to the resellers

Other sales and marketing support we include:

  • Persuasive and informative presentations and marketing materials based on our content guidelines.
  • Regular program communications
  • We keep the partners up to date with upcoming events like important conferences and trade shows.

Technical Support

We offer pre-sales and post-sales support to our vendors.

Our tasks include:

  • We provide configuration template to our resellers to make them capable in delivering the right solution to their customers according to their needs.
  • We offer technical support through phone and web.
  • We provide tools for development in order for them to create their own add-ons focused and specialized in their customer’s industry.
  • We arrange remote assistance for important procedures such as implementation, testing or migration phases. On-site support is available too if needed.
Technical Support

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Discounts and Training

Our main goal is to simplify the complexity, continuous innovation and lead the competition. We provide offer resellers discounts for quick expansion of your business and achieve your desired profit. Attracts customers and close the deals with our extensive training programs that can also give you the edge of competition.

Other things we are offering which include.

  • Assistance in providing useful templates and configuration.
  • Offers training for resellers for free or on a discounted price.
  • Provides free trials for testing and software licenses for internal use and training purpose.
  • Offers massive discounts on licenses and support and maintenance fees.
  • Provides special marketing techniques, business and technical trainings for free or discounted price.
  • Covers every areas of interest by using advance training courses. You need to provide comprehensive training and support to build and maintain your reseller’s expertise in your product.
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