On the other hand, the industrial sector achieved a great venture that contributes a phenomenal country’s progress. This sector also embraced automation and smart manufacturing concepts and technologies to reduce dependency on manual labour, production growth and most importantly is to keep exports competitive.

ERP provides total systematize process to manufacturing companies in Malaysia

Being exposed to evolving technologies is significant and can be a competitive differentiator that will help in overpowering the many challenges encountered by today’s businesses in Malaysia. Implementation of enterprise resource planning or ERP system is one of the smart ways to overcome risks in manufacturing operations. ERP has a full service capability that provides total systematize process from initial concept to production supply. It focuses on manufacturing details that can make the workflow into the fast lane. Incorporating ERP system in Malaysia’s manufacturing companies is also a step in the right direction to address some of the existing challenges in manufacturing operations, such as privacy and security concerns. Companies in Malaysia that are able to comprehend the importance of ERP system in their business and integrate it into their future strategy, development and innovation process stay ahead and achieve much success through higher profitability, better energy efficiency and improved productivity.

Business cloud solution: significant strategic technology in Malaysia

Malaysia continues to become accustomed with emerging trends of technology to maintain its competitiveness. Business cloud solutions are one of the most important of the country’s strategic technology priorities. Malaysia entrepreneurs are gaining an abundant benefits like accelerate and development in their own specific advanced industries. Enterprises in Malaysia starting to embrace cloud solutions which brings them into a technological milestone that has transformed Malaysian’s live and work and businesses operate. Business cloud solutions are perfect for any industry, such as customisable and powerful enterprise ERP system, simple yet flexible enterprise cloud HR management software, business cloud accounting system which is essential for any size of business and enterprise cloud POS for food and beverage and retail industry. The country recognize the power of business cloud solutions to help them innovate faster, drive change and operate more efficiently and securely.

Grow your business with AlphaPOS POS software

Why AlphaPOS?

AlphaPOS is an all-in-one retail store management software which can be integrated with billing, inventory management, financial accounting, and HR and store analysis. Whether you have a standalone retail store or a chain, ALPHAPOS increases your sales and profits quickly and easily. It is fast, reliable and easy to master. It allows you to create point-of-sale solutions that will transform your point of sale into a point of charm for your customers and your store staff. The Alpha POS platform is an independent, robust and flexible retail software that can perform large transactions that can integrate into a variety of enterprise environments, leveraging your company's existing IT infrastructure, reducing your risk and operational costs.

AlphaPOS enables time-saving benefits for your business

Multiple Payment Modes

We have come a long way from cash and credit as forms of payment. Depending on the volume of your business and the preferences of your clients, your ideal POS system must contain multiple modes of payment. Go beyond traditional payment methods, such as cash and credit cards. Find a point of sale that allows you to take mobile payments. You also want to be able to split a payment in case a customer wants to distribute their payment through a few gift cards, an Amex and cash. Avail the exclusive multiple payment mode feature in AlphaPOS

Intelligent reporting tool

AlphaPOS reporting module assists you to obtain required information much faster. With 30+ out of the box available reports, you will attain all the required information and organization can spend more time in analysis and interpretation and less time pulling the data together from excel reports.

Promotions and loyalty program

Reward your loyal customers with exclusive offers and promotions. Leverage the knowledge of your management console and loyalty program data to develop the rewards that your customers will enjoy. Also, you can check the purchase history of each client and this data can be used for promotional campaigns. Design your loyalty program to work for you and your customers. With AlphaPOS, take control of your loyalty program and choose the method of remuneration of your customers:

  • Earn a loyalty point for each transaction
  • Earn loyalty points based on the amount of the purchase
  • Earn loyalty points for specific products

Go Green – Email your bills

When is the last time you remember receiving a paper receipt from a retail store and using this for something meaningful? Paper receipts are not only harmful to the environment, but also adds nothing to the retail experience, as they do not offer a particular utility to either the buyer or the seller. AlphaPOS can simply send copies of the digital receipt generated in a transaction to the buyer. By doing so, it will also function as a CRM tool, since it will keep the client's name, contact and other relevant details. This can serve as the convenient starting point to establish a successful relationship with the client and improve the customer experience.

Fully integrated

AlphaPOS is fully integrated with AlphaPRO inventory - accounting and ALPHAHRMS module where in Inventory information and financial details can be retrieved. Get real-time inventory visibility across all channels, including your stores and warehouses. Comprehensive Finance and Accounting system integrated with inventory and POS module provided up to date information to analyse the business in detail. AlphaPRO integrated with AlphaHRMS assists to manage the complete employee cycle from hire to retrials, covering everything from time and attendance to recruitment, performance, expenses and more.

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