Enhance your hospital’s most important aspect of food services with a high-end hospital food service software and let your patient know the available menu especially made for their safety and good for their health.

Alpha HROS - Patient Food Ordering System for Hospitals

We offers reliable & affordable hospital food service software ALPHA HROS, that provides a clear path for the patient to choose their meal.

Alpha HROS

Hospital food and nutrition services play an important role in patient recovery and well-being. Foodservice quality can also influence patients' satisfaction with their overall hospital experience. With healthcare industry competition on the rise, many hospital food service operations are looking for ways to improve patient satisfaction..

Using Alpha HROS powers nutrition workers with real-time patient information and customized menus on the screen, so they can walk patients through a safe and satisfying menu selection process. Also menu review features such as food allergy, diagnosis, recommended diet and food/medication interaction checking prevent menu errors and protect patient health.

ALPHA HROS successfully designed and developed web portals for the hospital dietitians, kitchen staff, food delivery staff and the application administrator; along with two variants of the integrated mobile app for Android / IPad /IOS tablets. Below are the main highlights of ALPHA HROS solution approach.

ALPHA HROS Solutions

Menu Management Web Portal

  • Create Menu Sets and Diet Plans - The dietitian can choose food items from various menu categories and define different menu sets according to diet plans like diabetic or low sodium.
  • Menu template - Based on the dietary chart (Group) menu will be customized on daily or weekly/monthly.
  • Menu Scheduling - Kitchen staff can define menu options according to various diet types for the entire week.
  • Drag and Drop - Schedule creations templates can be drag and drop for easier usage for menus.
  • Menu Update Polling Service - Menus are configured to be rotated during a configurable time period and the system service automatically picks up the latest menu for the day.
  • Multi language supports - Menus can be in any language for e.g. English or Arabic
  • Choice of menu- Patients can only order for meal as per pre-defined timings.
  • Special menu requests - Maintaining menu orders for spicy, low fat, veg and non-veg.

Other features

  • QR code/RFID authorization -Food delivery authorization for patient's accuracy on strict dietary plans.
  • Escort Meals- Options for bystander/Guest/Escort meals as per choices.
  • Alerts on Patient Room Change - Diet Change and Comments Change.
  • Food satisfaction survey- monitor patients satisfaction survey results.
  • User access levels-Authorized multiple users on same iPad/android devices.

Delivering the right choice forpatients

All meals provided by the kitchen are presented visually on the ALPHA HROS Tablet giving the patient a better perceived choice, with allergy and suitability information. Read more

Alpha HROS Reporting

Alpha HROS provides a host of reports including; orders, monthly cumulative reports, popular dishes, ward issues, age groups, food temperature report, finance report, individual ward reports, and feedback. Generates report showing statistics of menu sets ranked by popularity and history.

Choice of meal times and courses

ALPHA HROS provides a clear path for the patient to choose their meal for lunch and supper. Number of food items can be limited to minimize waste.

Kitchen Order Processing.

Patient Meal Order Processing - Kitchen staff can view and print meal order lists received from the patients for breakfast, lunch and dinner along with patient locations. Once an order is delivered, the order status can be updated.

Unique features for reliablity & patient adaptability

Feedback - Patients can provide valuable feedback instantly using ALPHA HROS in-built meal survey.Useful data analysis can be carried out for future improvements by the Hospital and the Service Provider. Read more

Back-Office Integration

E-Menu is fully integrated with our ALPHA-RESTO software for order processing and billing if required. Read more

Robust Android/ IPad iOS-Based mobile application.

Touchscreen-based Interface - The basic version of the mobile app allows patients to order using the tablet's touchscreen interface.

Audio-based Interface (*) - An alternate, single-screen tablet interface was specifically designed and fitted with uniquely projected buttons for the visually-impaired. The same menu choices are available in audio format in the language of the patient's preference.


hospital food service software
  • Mobile devices are transforming every aspect of the healthcare industry. The intervention of mobile technologyis revolutionizing the industry and unlocking innumerable opportunities for improving efficiency of healthcare delivery and patient satisfaction.
  • Mobile app can be usedin hospitals to help inpatients order food that aligns with their dietary requirements. For a hospital setting, specific needs and requirements needed to be met by the application to help inpatients - especially for those who were older, visually impaired, or otherwise disabled.
  • Web portal for hospital kitchen menu management, order processing, patient information management, tablet inventory management, service administration and product configuration.
  • Easy-to-use mobile app for patients to place meal orders right from their beds using an Android tablet.
  • Menu display and filtering according to the patient's language preference and suggested diet plan, respectively.
  • Admin portal for hospital staff user management, patient diet information management and audit tracking.
  • Cross-platform Support - Supports both Windows platform as well as web, regardless of browsers and platforms..
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