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CRM Software for Sales Management

CRM Customer Relationship Management software is a great tool to help businesses to manage contacts, partners, vendors, suppliers, sales activities, sales cycle, deal size, contact history and even competitor information.The key to sell better is to prioritize the prospects who are interested in the solution you offer.

This Customer relationship management system sees everything from background like email history, events, projects or opportunities and provides you integrated data to help you in making better and faster decisions..

ALPHA-CRM Customer Relationship Management Software


ALPHA-CRM software works on various platforms and suits for all kind of businesses


ALPHA-CRM dashboard gives you a great overview of everything going on with your business right up to the minute. See tasks past due dates, new notes or comments just added, those coming up in the future and opportunities recently closed.


CRM software sends you notifications when a task is due or past due date. In addition, the task screen offers a comprehensive show of overdue tasks and completed tasks. Tasks can also be associated with projects so that you could keep track of all projects.


ALPHA-CRM creates a group of tasks or events to automate business processes. Due dates can be estimated from a given date or backwards from a critical completion date. That is a great way to visually track the progress and see exactly where you are in a process.


ALPHA-CRM empowers you to produce quality financial and boardroom reports, as well as to conduct analysis on the performance of your organization.


ALPHA-CRM system gives you a 360-degree view of your complete sales cycle and pipeline. This helps you to prioritize and organize your sales management more effectively to convert more leads into prospects and convert more prospects into loyal customers.


WINDOWS and WEB EDITIONS Software Versions available. Supports CROSS-PLATFORMS (Windwos MOBILE, Android TAB, IPAD) regardless of any standard web Browsers is True Responsive Design.


Contact Management functions

Schedule events, tasks, milestones and set reminders and recurring tasks, assign work to other team members and automate processes with... Read more

Mobile CRM

Mobile optimized experience focuses on delivery sales professionals the essential information they rely on without weighing them down with... Read more

Territory Management

ALPHA-CRM Shares accounts among territories, identify regions that make profit, plan resource allocation and ultimately exceed sales forecasts... Read more

Lead Management

ALPHA-CRM Leads are an important part of any sales process. If somebody interested in your products or services, you can create a lead.Once you’ve... Read more

Sales Management

ALPHA-CRM on the sales activities across territories. Use the interactive Reports and Dashboards to get fine grained understanding of your sales and ma... Read more

Calendars & Tasks

ALPHA-CRM Tasks and Calendar¸ Events¸ reminders you don’t even have to login to stay on track. The calendar shows all your events dates, milestone... Read more

Role-based Security Administration

ALPHA-CRM offers you an Enterprise-grade Role-based security to control the access rights of users while working with CRM data and modules... Read more

CRM Account Management

While a sales team works to close deals it is necessary to maintain individual accounts and keep track of contacts under them... Read more

Transform your business with Alpha Cloud Solutions

We provide ALPHA-CRM in 3 Editions - Desktop, Web based live and Cloud based (monthly / yearly subscription).

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