How Different an ERP Software Can Be?


How Different an ERP Software Can Be?

May 20, 2016 All About ERP Software 1
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It is a great challenge for any business owner or management team to pick up the right software solution from hundreds of packages available in the market that can address the concerns of the business. From technology to language the solution differs from one another. ERP Software is designed to needed core processes, so ERP System offers a wide range of processes, it offers all business actions like purchasing, production, cost and financial accounting, CRM etc

Let’s see 4 critical points AlphaMAX ERP is different with an edge over others. It is all about the availability of business data and information anywhere, anytime.

Streamlining Business Processes

AlphaMAX ERP offers role-based access to critical data and analytical tools. Our ERP software has a proven track record of competitiveness and streamlining business processes. So, AlphaMAX ERP can win in sales by knowing your customers from all angles of engagement.

Languages and Currencies

From multiple countries, languages and currencies, AlphaMAX ERP also can be easily achieve business process standardization across a global enterprise.

ERP System Technology

With deep industry expertise, our team of technology experts can give you a solution that is tailor-made for your business.  The software uses the Microsoft .NET architecture for desktop editions.We use embedded web technology for faster operations. AlphaMAX ERP provides capabilities that are faster, safer, easy to administer, modify, and integrate with other applications.

Cloud Based ERP Software

AlphaMAX ERP Cloud is a complete, integrated and modern cloud ERP application suite that manages accounting, inventory, sales, manufacturing, human resources, procurement and projects enterprise-wide.

For more details and a free demo, call us at +971 4 3518503 or submit an enquiry.

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