Reseller Training Programme

We are having the best training programme for our customers and partners & we uses latest training materials and techniques. Our training conducted by the best of our trainers who is experienced years of working in our company.

We do two type of training.

  • Onsite training
  • Online training

Our goal to conduct the training programme is “We need customers to use our product more effectively.” Also a better goal would be “to enable customers to use features of our product.”

There are four pieces of our training

Flexible learner and content grouping features

we create customer groups and easily manage them or organize libraries of content titles and make them available only to select customer groups.

Leverage training for multiple audiences

such as external/internal or different brands and products. Create custom portals with tailored content for each use case, all managed easily through the same back-end.

Certifications Engine

we enable users to demonstrate their skills with our built-in assessment tools and verifiable badges and certificates upon course completion.

Training is not always about training

Training is not showing the customers on features and functionality. Most of the time, training is being conducted to teach people how to work using your product. But training is also our way in helping our customer to have a new skill or strengthen their existing one and guide them to avoid going out of the rail before starting their journey.

Our Training programme

The taught course is delivered by a range of highly qualified tutors and outstanding practitioners, who lead the different components according to their expertise and experience. .

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Our customers need our software to be successful running their businesses. Our great training gives minimum 10 hours per employee for average performing organizations.

A high-quality solution that gives company a power and ability to provide intellectual and valuable training experience to customers. Includes a best-in-class student experience, payments engine, social certifications and advanced analytics. Our enterprise-grade platform provides all the essential tools for Customer Training and Enablement teams to successfully on-board, engage and retain customers.

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