What we do?

In today’s digital and fast-paced economy, we create solutions that helps companies and organizations take a lead always. Our effort is to replace the generic software with a scalable solution that is the need of hour for many to be digitally competitive. Through intensive research and development, we understand our customers pain point, which helps us in building effective solutions for seamless business operations.

We have a wide range of comprehensive and feature-rich software solutions such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) that automates and allows integration of different business functions such as Human Resource Management, Customer Relationship Management, Inventory and Accounting Management, Fixed Asset Management, Warehouse Management and other software solutions. With over 19 years of experience, we now guarantee and have continuously proved our existence in meeting the demands of different industries such as manufacturing, retails and restaurants, health and medical institutions and other sectors who needs streamlining of their business process and attain growth and success.

Quality Controller (QA)

take ownership and responsibility of the software's quality controls, unit testing and the project release tasks. Each of our clients are assigned with a dedicated base team that comprises of:

  • a) 1 Project Manager - responsible for managing and implementing project tasks, timelines and budgets.
  • b) 1 Software Architect - responsible for creation the IA, UI architecture, design templates and prototypes .
  • c) Team of Multi Developers - responsible for implementing the creatives, programming systems and web applications.

If any of the projects require e-commerce integration, content management, system solutions or site globalization deployment, Alpha EBM will assign an Application Analyst to assist in the Site Architecture, Redesigning/Re-engineering and planning stages throughout the project implementation.

General Manager with an immense experience in the IT side of business, always ready to provide impulsive and effective solutions to challenges of any likes. Apt direction and guidance are downloaded to the project manager's further helping them deliver world class customer satisfaction.Allocation of the work to respective project managers are done based on each of their specific domain knowledge, experience and competence.

Operation Manager is the first & direct point of contact for client escalations. Our Operation Managers ensure each projects deliverable are moving as per the set milestone for the client and that the scope fits within the agreed budget. They actively take ownership of the change management activities, ensuring all jobs are organized and directed towards a successful project completion.

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