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Artificial Intelligence is a method of making a computer, robot, or a product with the ability and skills to think in a smart way like humans. It is a study of how to think, learn, decide and work when human brain tried to solve problems. Finally, this study produces intelligent software systems. The purpose of artificial intelligence is to enhance computer skills associated to human knowledge such as reasoning, learning and problem solving.

With the advancements in AI, computing system develops and becomes a potential substitute to humans in doing intellectual works that requires professional analysis such as planning, strategy and decision making. The transformation of computing system enables it to perform human tasks very well and empowers it to bring significant changes in everything about the way business is being managed.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence in your Business

When talking about AI nowadays, many of us imagining images of the future portrayed with machine-ruled and robot that completes the manual work of human beings.Artificial intelligence has been actually part of our lives and we are already using it every day without our notice. Smart devices are the best example where AI already works. It has a face or speech/voice recognition ability that enhances usage security. AI can be found everywhere and businesses use it as well, such as automation of business processes and letting it do some tasks that are normally done by humans.

Marketing and Advertisement

AI is very well-known to marketers and retailers around the world. Companies use the power of AI to personalize email marketing campaigns and digital advertisements based on preferences and usage behavior of the users that allows them to better communicate with them and eventually convert them to customers.. Read more

Predictive Analysis

This is a tool that can detect a certain set of determined input data that supports some kind of decision. A kind of analysis that give great contribution in making product income and net sales higher more than expected. It recognizes latest trends, analyses the pattern or behaviour of the consumers and predicts their forthcoming purchases using machine learning data. Read more

Human Resources

Tasks in Human Resources Department particularly the recruiting process are dreary and tough. With the help of AI, it greatly reduces the work of screening entries, finding matches, contacting them, automating the schedule of interviews, inviting excellent potential candidates into the office. Read more

Sales and Customer Service

AI helps in creating dynamic prices to drives high profit return. By combining history of sales, prices and purchasing data through machine learning, it automatically adjusts other factors such as category management and levels of inventory. It also improves the accuracy of sales forecasts by monitoring the habits of consumers that can be used in improving sales and customer service performance. On the other hand, chatbot is very convenient to use in customer service because it respond promptly and efficiently to customer's main problem, question or problem. The most advanced chatbot can already answer unresolved questions by responding in a human way using natural language process and automatic learning.. Read more

Business Management

From scheduling of meetings and team meetings, to programming of business trips and decision support, AI supports business management activities. AI creates reliable dashboards to improve business management. It has the ability to show you the entire performance of your business in just a glance. It gathers information and data that can be a reference in making effective decisions. Its flexibility makes it very useful to any size of organizations even those having few members only. For those who are using third party application, data can be collected from it and use it as an additional context to business intelligence. Read more

Accounting and Finance

AI automated accounting systems and financial reports using a platform on which AI is applied. Once you've uploaded your receipt, it will turn to a format that the computer can read, encrypt it, and save it in your account. It will also learn how to keep track of invoices, sales and costs as well as liquidity. Read more

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence in Businesses

Human Resources Management

The awareness about Artificial Intelligence spreads very fast not too long ago to every business industry. Its existence becomes a hot topic to company owners, organizations and executives. Majority of the business owners, regardless of its size, believes that AI is the best answer to solve real and most of business operations problems. So far, AI proven its effectivity to businesses by improving their sales and profits, identifying possible fraud, providing an enhance and better customer experience, automation of works which normally humans manually do and integrates business processes to gather data that can be used in predictive analysis.

Relevant to all industry

Many industries can benefit from AI implementation. Health care services providers have a better tool for early diagnosis. The automobile industry produces a self-driving vehicle with the help of AI and learn to navigate the road by itself, means without humans help. In financial services, AI enables them to automatically detect and identify fraud most especially for those customers who uses mobile application and online banking services. Better inventory management and shipping control are only a few advantages for logistics companies with AI. Retailers can use AI to map consumer behaviour. Electric utilities can use smart meters and smart grids to reduce power consumption.

Efficiency and better outcomes

Implementation of AI to a business brings huge impact on changing its operations permanently. AI automates bulk amounts of manual works which also helps reduces risks caused by human errors. This also saves significant time that can be allocated to be more productive, efficient and to achieve better and improve results and outcomes. This will result in better outcomes.

Intelligent decision making

By providing analytical proof and predicted outcomes, machine learning helps the process of predicting results out of making critical business decisions. This functionality is very helpful in intelligent decision making because it provides accurate data that can be used as a basis to come up with an effective decision and strategy. Its also avoids human errors by having necessary details to justify the decisions made.

Potential competitive edge

Companies and organizations already acknowledged the significant benefits of AI. They are already taking the advantage of it to become competitive in their own industry. AI-based solutions are expert in automating tasks which is helpful in avoiding work redundancy. It can also eliminate business strategic problems and provide analytical analysis to business. It can eliminate business strategic problems. It can also provide analytical analysis to a business.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions for Health Care

ALPHA-MED solutions to enhance human experience through creating intelligent machines in every area of health Care. We provide our customers with machine learning and deep learning in the solutions to make more advanced business solutions.

Alpha-MED is an AI-based software solution and an expert tool for hospitals and clinics. Healthcare professionals such as doctors, researchers and nurses has been using its expertise in defining and delivering personalized medical advice. These medical professionals proven Alpha-MED’s efficiency by helping them in diagnosing medical conditions and providing treatment guidance online. It also supports them in delivering smarter and more intelligent clinical decisions.

In ALPHA-MED is with the mixture of algorithms, calculations, explanations, definitions, text, logic, formulae, links and graphics. This enable’s to capture best practice clinical expertise from healthcare businesses. This uses for Medical Flowcharts, Symptom Flowcharts, Clinical Flowcharts, indeed anywhere where you have a well-defined structured approach to assessing a situation for Medical Analysis.

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