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Artificial Intelligence is a method of making a computer, robot, or a product with the ability and skills to think in a smart way like humans. It is a study of how to think, learn, decide and work when human brain tried to solve problems. Finally, this study produces intelligent software systems. The purpose of artificial intelligence is to enhance computer skills associated to human knowledge such as reasoning, learning and problem solving.

It points to a future where the machines do not just do all the physical work, as they did from the industrial revolution but also the intellectual work - planning, strategy development and decision making. It also deals with the development of computing systems that can perform human tasks very well. Examples include object recognition and speech recognition in a restricted environment. These are the powers of AI to change almost everything about the way business do..

Applications of Artificial Intelligence in your Business

When talking about AI nowadays, many of us imagining images of the future portrayed with machine-ruled and robot that completes the manual work of human beings. For us, AI is a mere concept that is going to happen tomorrow. But in reality, artificial intelligence is already part of our lives. We use it every day and it can be found everywhere..

Marketing and Advertisement

AI is very well-known to marketers and retailers around the world. Companies use the power of AI to personalize email marketing campaigns and digital advertisements based on preferences and usage behavior of the users that allows them to better communicate with them and eventually convert them to customers.. Read more

Predictive Analysis

This is a tool that can detect a certain set of determined input data that supports some kind of decision. It can lead and provide with a higher product income or increase net sales. It also develops predictive trends and behavioural patterns with the study of structured and unstructured machine learning data.. Read more

Human Resources

Tasks in Human Resources Department particularly the recruiting process are dreary and tough. With the help of AI, it greatly reduces the work of screening entries, finding matches, contacting them, automating the schedule of interviews, inviting excellent potential candidates into the office.. Read more

Sales and Customer Service

The creation of a dynamic price driven by AI means a higher margin for the company. Trends in price can be linked with sales trends through machine learning, which adjusts other factors such as category management and inventory levels. AI is also helpful to retailers as AI platform already exists to monitor the habits of sales people and provides recommendations for improving their performance. On the other hand, chatbot is very convenient to use in customer service because it respond promptly and efficiently to customer's main problem, question or problem. The most advanced chatbot can already answer unresolved questions by responding in a human way using natural language process and automatic learning.. Read more

Business Management

From scheduling of meetings and team meetings, to programming of business trips and decision support, AI supports business management activities. Business management software companies applying AI can create dashboards that gather information to make decisions. It can be expanded to fit the size of the company and can be used by teams with a few members. It can collect data from third party applications that can be used to provide context to business intelligence.. Read more

Accounting and Finance

AI automated accounting systems and financial reports using a platform on which AI is applied. Once you've uploaded your receipt, it will turn to a format that the computer can read, encrypt it, and save it in your account. It will also learn how to keep track of invoices, sales and costs as well as liquidity. Read more

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence in Businesses

Human Resources Management

In recent years, AI has introduced its awareness to every industry. It has become part of the main conversation between business owners and executives. Businesses of all shapes and sizes take into account that artificial intelligence can solve real business problems. AI can help businesses increase sales, detect fraud, improve customer experience, automate work processes and provide predictive analysis.

Relevant to all industry

Many industries can benefit from AI implementation. Health care services providers have a better tool for early diagnosis. The automobile industry has autonomous vehicles, which serve as a direct result of improving AI. Regarding financial services, there are AI based process automation and fraud detection. Better inventory management and shipping control are only a few advantages for logistics companies with AI. Retailers can use AI to map consumer behaviour. Electric utilities can use smart meters and smart grids to reduce power consumption.

Efficiency and better outcomes

Implementing machine and AI learning will have a huge impact on organization's efficiency. Intelligent systems can automate large amounts of work and help reduce the risk of human error. As time passes by, systems will learn and get smarter to make practical decisions. This will result in better outcomes.

Intelligent decision making

By providing analytical proof and predicted outcomes, machine learning helps the process of predicting results out of making critical business decisions. This functionality may help to eliminate or reduce human errors in making decisions. It also helps users with necessary information to justify the decisions they make.

Potential competitive edge

Companies are beginning to acknowledge substantial benefits and the possibility of being competitive in the industry in implementing artificial intelligence. AI-based solutions are useful for task automation. It can eliminate business strategic problems. It can also provide analytical analysis to a business. Read more

Artificial Intelligence Solutions for Health Care

ALPHA-MED solutions to enhance human experience through creating intelligent machines in every area of health Care. We provide our customers with machine learning and deep learning in the solutions to make more advanced business solutions.

Alpha-MED solutions is the best AI software tool for hospitals, Clinics, healthcare professionals, such as doctors, researchers and nurses, define and deliver personalized medical advice, diagnosis and treatment guidance online and so provide smarter and more intelligent clinical decision support.

In ALPHA-MED is with the mixture of algorithms, calculations, explanations, definitions, text, logic, formulae, links and graphics. This enable’s to capture best practice clinical expertise from healthcare businesses. This uses for Medical Flowcharts, Symptom Flowcharts, Clinical Flowcharts, indeed anywhere where you have a well-defined structured approach to assessing a situation for Medical Analysis. Read more

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