1st-rated accounting system which can be integrated with other departments to complies with your business needs.

accounting software

Accounting Software

Our Accounting Software has a proven track record of helping companies of all industries manage their business more efficiently for over 16 years. We provide complete business software systems for a diverse array of businesses. The software controls end-to-end business process management across your business. Alpha Pro (Accounting) is an open system, you can also seamlessly integrate with third party, industry-specific and legacy software.

accounting software

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The Accounting software system components are tightly integrated, giving you access to real-time business intelligence to make better decisions. And you can automate business process across the company. What this means is your entire business can run in real time. Employees can move faster and smarter. Customers are served better. With full visibility into financial history for companies can collaborate with vendors and suppliers more effectively. Also make more effective financial decisions time to time..

accounting software

All Set To Embrace Vat*

Alpha byte as a global solution we always being up-to-date with the rules and regulations. Now in the accounting software UAE and other GCC VAT(Value Added Tax) will be applied to all business transactions. From Right across the GCC we have our multi-country VAT model for Financial Accounting VAT software. We are released our new version of Accounting software for the customers to easily upgrade with the current Accounting software without much headache. Read more


ALPHA-PRO Accounting works on various platforms and suits for all kind of businesses

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With real-time metrics and role-based Dashboards improves the Decision Making in each segments of businesses.


Greater compliance with robust and auditable accounting software provides the full power of financials in any businesses.


ALPHA-PRO Fincancial Accounting is structured by Multi Company accounting, Multi Location accounting, Branch wise accounting.


Our software having a complete final VAT summary reports compliance with individual countries’ specific filing formats. Returns can also be displayed and saved in PDF format in the relevant local language or translated to English..


WINDOWS and WEB EDITIONS Software Versions available. Supports CROSS-PLATFORMS (Windows MOBILE, Android TAB, IPAD) regardless of any standard web Browsers is True Responsive Design.


The software fully Customizable to extend easily to meet your exact needs. The existing reports also can be customizable, or create additional new reports based on the requirement.


Powerful Accounting for Middle East and global Editions, allows you to integrate all your financial processes with all in one ERP solution.


With greater automated back-office processes will increases the Productivity in any of the industry.

Accounting Software

Major Benefits using alpha-pro Accounting software

accounting software


Accounts Receivable module, you can manage your customers and fine-tune customer relations by keeping track of important sales information, outstanding balances and Ageing of invoices.. Read more


Accounts Payable has a powerful library of accounting and reporting features that facilitate rapid entry of vendor invoices,flexible cash disbursement. Read more


ALPHA-PRO Accounting analysis and adjustment of differences between the cash balance shown on a bank statement. Matching in several areas of bank reconciliation.. Read more


There are so many business sectors who receive cheques of future dates professional speaking “Post Dated Cheques” which are supposed to be banked at a future date. Read more


Audit Trails if someone modifies your general ledger (GL), you need to ensure that you know who made the change and when that change was made. Read more


The General Ledger module is the foundation of your accounting system, with flexibility that meets the current and future financial management requirements of organizations.. Read more

More reasons to have alpha-pro Accounting system

  • Manage Multi Users, Multiple company, Locations and Branches.
  • Web Based and Desk Top Versions are availble.
  • TAX (VAT) compliance for tax accounting with reports filters.
  • Full Audit Trail and Tracking Capabilities.
  • Consolidate multi-currency and single currency accounts.
  • Create and Backup companies with ease.
  • Create alphanumeric account numbers as long as 45 characters.
  • Assign different retained earnings accounts to different account segments.
  • Set up and schedule recurring journal entries for transactions.
  • Drill down to the originating transaction from General Ledger.
  • Completly Integrated with JOB COSTING and COST CENTER allocations.
  • Posting and Unposting each transaction with Admin User Rights.
  • Consolidate multi company or multi branches Reports.
  • Fiscal year closing and maintaining separate periods (Monthly, Quarterly).
  • Merge multiple accounts in subsidiaries into single holding company accounts.
  • Create analytical reports, spreadsheets, graphs, and charts, and update budgets automatically.
  • Print consolidated statements for any accounting division or Branches.
  • Automatically perform currency translation with the provision of gain or loss on translation.
  • Customer and Supplier Ageing invoice analysis with detail and summary.
  • Customer and Supplier Payables and sales Graphs for analysis.
  • Payment or receipts from a single bank account and distribute between Multiple Branches and Companies.
  • Automatically update Fixed Assets and Payroll posting entries from ALPHA-HRMS and ALPHA-FXD software.
  • Fully Integrated Sales accounting Entries from ALPHA-POS /ALPHA-RESTO point of sale Software and Receipe management software.
  • Multi user acess control for forms,functions and financial reports from Adding, viewing, delete and editing.

Transform your business with Alpha Cloud Solutions

We provide ALPHA-PRO Accounting in 3 Editions - Desktop, Web based live and Cloud based (monthly / yearly subscription).

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