South Africa is well-known when it comes to smart city technology.

South African cities appreciate the wide-ranging benefits of smart cities which contributed a large impact in making life easier for residents and affects the comprehensive scale of industries in multiple ways. They are open to explore innovative technologies and best practices that are currently been implemented in first world countries.

ERP software drives growth in South Africa industry

Customer-centric industries in South Africa such as retail, financial and telecom recognize that corporate and retail solutions are capable of turning their businesses into a competitive one. They understand the need for these solutions and its benefits are essential in related to their industry’s comprehensive improvements.

ERP software helps South Africa companies in providing customers a varied ways of ordering expertise that leads into effectiveness of their operation and completely organize any size of enterprises. ERP brings everything along in one integrated system to boost the purchasing expertise and encourage repeat customers. It also delivers a centralized picture of businesses in South Africa, from ordering, inventory, delivery, replenishment of products and acquiring profit. It helps optimizing every business process for efficient and seamless operation.

POS software as an absolute and solid solution for South Africa

South Africa has one of the fastest growing tourism sectors in the world. Cape Town, capital of South Africa, is ranked as the no. 1 travel destination in the world. Tourism serves as one of the main drivers of economic growth and envisions the promotion of South Africa as a major tourist and business events destination.

Due to tourists swarming in the country, hospitality industry which includes fields like hotels/lodging, retails and food and beverage services are continuously expanding. To satisfy the needs and demands of customers, companies related to this industry are embracing the implementation of POS system in their operations. It is an innovative system designed specifically for hospitality and retails to control and eliminate the challenges that are usually encountered during the operations or while serving their customers. It is an absolute and solid solution that offers stability and mobility for retail and hospitality industry.

Maximising the talent of South African’s workforce through HRMS

Tourism also directly and indirectly supported about 1.5 million jobs in recent years, and there is potential to grow employment in the sector to an approximate 2.1 million jobs in the future. Generally speaking, human capital management, HR and payroll administration requires a great deal of control for both internal and external resources to manage risk and optimise operations. Due to this, most companies want to standardise and improve the management of their employees. Companies in South Africa found the most effective solution for this by incorporating HRMS to their operations. HRMS is a single solution that contain full automated time and attendance and human resource management that enables the company to maximise the talent of the workforce, empowering them to do great things for company’s productivity. Using this solution allows the transformation of the organization’s management and maintain a productive, cost-effective and pleased workforce.


AlphaMaxERP is an intuitive and easy to use Cloud ERP software that facilitates every type of business transaction in South Africa through its flexible and customizable software model and makes it easy to record and process all financial transactions, CRM, Sales, from invoices to purchase orders, to inventory tracking, receipts, to human resource management. Our world class Cloud ERP systems provides fast and efficient way to manage the processes of your suppliers and customers in South Africa. Unlike on premise ERP software, cloud ERP system stores information on the cloud, so you and your employees can access data from anywhere, anytime. You only need an internet connection. Cloud ERP software is often more accessible and flexible. You can easily edit and access real-time information, so you'll always have the latest information on your company's operations. ERP solutions in the cloud are also generally less expensive to adopt and implement than on premise ERP systems. It is not surprising that cloud-based ERP software is the preferred choice of many entrepreneurs in South Africa.

Explore major benefits of using a Cloud ERP system

Geographic mobility

Cloud software is accessible everywhere with an Internet connection. This offers companies in South Africa unprecedented geographical mobility, which can be useful to them in different ways: Go Global: International companies with on-premise ERP systems must have multiple systems, which reduces the connectivity of the enterprise and can create information-sharing problems. With our Cloud ERP system, this is not a problem because one product operates worldwide. Travel: If employees have to travel as part of their job, they can still access the ERP software from their new location. Work from home: Businesses can offer more flexibility to their employees because they can access technology through a home Internet connection. This is ideal for employees on long journeys, as well as for temporary circumstances


Requires only web browser and our world class Cloud ERP software can be accessed from any devices; anytime and anywhere.

Low Barrier to Entry

Cloud ERP systems, like most software as a service (SaaS) products, have a much smaller entry barrier than on premise systems. Because the software is hosted by us, you do not need to invest on IT staff, servers, and other equipment normally required. This creates lower initial costs for the cloud model, and additional payments are often made on a monthly subscription basis. As a result, small and medium-sized enterprises in South Africa can reduce initial costs and adopt an ERP solution more quickly. Our Cloud based ERP automates all your business operations such as sales, inventory, manufacturing, finance and HR without heavy investment.


Your ERP is essentially a repository of all the data of your company. Security is therefore essential to the success of your business. And while data security is a challenge no matter where they are, a cloud-based ERP provides an extra level of security. It's not just your internal IT team that monitors, but as a cloud service provider we also keeps the system safe. This is not a guarantee against attacks, but it is a good additional safety net.

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