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AlphaERP is a business process management software and a comprehensive cloud-based ERP solution that enables you to manage all key features, including procurement, manufacturing, professional services, customer relationship management, finance, HR, supply chain and reporting, without the help of an IT department. To improve your company’s profitability and efficiency, AlphaERP provides an all-inclusive ERP framework which implements functionalities and analytics anytime.

An economical and reliable comprehensive AlphaERP is an easy to use and secure cloud-based ERP solution. Rather than concentrating on IT-related issues, it can enables the employees and management to focus on their company’s business for being the most flexible, adaptable and on-demand ERP Solution in UAE from an ERP company. With AlphaERP, you can experience the smooth and efficient operation and it lets you understand your business in a panoramic perspective.Read more

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What is ERP system?

Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. From years ERP was gradually develop from MRP which stands for both Material Requirements Planning and Manufacturing Resource Planning. It integrates all the key processes needs in running a business. ERP process company key operations like personnel, manufacturing, supply chain, services, procurement, and other company operations into a single system. It provides intelligence, visibility, analysis, and efficiency in every aspect of the business. Enables businesses to make data-driven decisions and manage business performance efficiently.

Modern ERP evolves the flow of business allowing all department to see what others are doing than working separately. It consists of different types of modules that discuss each other and shares a database that automates the workflow of the business. Generally, it helps the company save money, increase productivity and understand business performance. Using the latest technologies, ERP systems reaches to the flow of real-time information across various departments of the businesses. With the informations businesses can make best decisions and manage ovarall performance.Read more

How can we help you?

The selection of ERP software must begin with search and proper research technologies that are available. You can save money, gain more insights and increase productivity by selecting the best ERP. Whether you’re just beginning your research or getting close to a purchase decision, we can help you find the information you need next in your ERP selection process. Our Long years of Experience and knowledge to help you in ERP software implementation process. Our main Strategic planning for implementing the ERP system as follows.

Data Preparation:

You need to determine which information should be converted by analysis of current data. You can’t assume all of the data can be converted as there may be outdated information in the system. So you need to Clean-up data and define the new data that needs to be collected. Data drives the business, so it is very important that the data is accurate. Review all data input and review all the data for accuracy and completeness.


For the testing, the project team should test database to confirm that all information is accurate and working correctly. We will assign project team members to start the test data training. After the successful training on test data the project team needs to perform a final test on the data and processes once training is completed, then will go for any needed adjustments.

Need Assessment

The first step in any ERP implementation is to identify your company’s needs. This process starts by documenting the entire business processes.

Processes and information flow

Examine the current business processes flow and determine whether modifications are needed prior to employee training.

Identify manual processes

Evaluate manual process for standard operating procedures (SOPs) on each area of your business. All the procedures should be well documented.

Project team

Assign a project team for developing a proper project plan which includes previously defined goals and objectives, timelines, training procedures, as well as individual team responsibilities.

Ongoing Support

Always ERP implementations require time and attention after the initial installation. The system frequently need upgrades and general maintenance.

Go Live!

When the system tested, trained and configured we need go for live.

Different types of ERP system

Cloud, on premise, and hybrid ERP

ERP System classifieds as cloud-based, on-premise and hybrid. Mainly Deployment is the difference on each types. Cloud-based ERP installed in provider's hosting server and can access through a web browser while the other use the company's local computer and server. Hybrid is available on both the locations, cloud-based and on-premise.


ERP SYSTEM CLOUD is the latest and it is affordable , low-cost and more secure. It os hosted by world-class servers with global teams dedicated to its safety anywhere in the world. The companies looking for an low costs cloud ERP is the best solution..

Storing data in the cloud through a remote data storage service provider such as Zelenium-Cloud storage which benefits businesses from large investment on hardware setups. Also businesses have the option to move all ERP data storage to the cloud or On-premise data servers, or data is stored both on-premises and/or in the cloud. Which also Benefits added data security and faster more performance.

Hosted on the provider’s server, accessed through a browser. Billed on monthly subscriptions basis. This model is much cheaper than on premise ERP systems. Custom features also can be added with the services. This model also take less time to implement than an on premise ERP. Data protection and security is the concern and duty of the provider.

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Best ERP software

On-premise ERP system

On-premise ERP software is easy to modifyand the company will have full control, including the security of data. On-premise ERP is fit for larger enterprise businesses if with more higher budget, wants to customize the ERP software.

ERP company : Hybrid ERP systems

Hybrid ERP is best for your business if you already have on-premise ERP software, but you need to add cloud features like a mobile app that can be accessed by your staff anytime and anywhere. Hybrid ERP software is suited for you. On-premises solutions have the history of reliability of successful implementations. Also cloud-based solutions are the low capital costs and better performance in Global Level.A hybrid ERP solution is the best of both worlds by giving the ability to supplement your on-premises solution.

The benefits of ERP

Cloud enterprise resource planning

There are many advantages to implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution. It is a customizable application that allows company to integrate each departments to work together and manage the important process. It can consolidate the data to minimize errors and working time associated with re-inputting significant data sets. It can provide a single view of data that enables administrators to manage business processes and find new ways to identify and improve inefficiencies. It gives accurate real-time information and reduces administrative and operational costs. Companies can actively manage operations, prevent downtime and delays, stop information logging, and make decisions more quickly using one source of data only.

ERP system can easily adapt the never ending changes in the growing business, assuring the company not to acquire new solution once there are changes needed in the business. It can also help the company to provide high-quality customer service by interacting to with customer’s with accurate information and transaction history. And most of all, data security is not a worry anymore, since the company can enhance and do any restrictions to the solution, the way they want it to be.

Implementing ERP software can improve productivity, increase efficiencies, decrease costs and streamline processes. A good ERP system ensuring you won’t have to buy a new solution once your needs change or your business grows. As Alpha Max ERP Software are Modern ERP solutions which is robust, flexible, configurable and fully tailored to the unique needs of a business. Read more

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Our ERP Software Modules for Simplified Success

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Manufacturing and Production system

Alpha Max ERP software has a major role in manufacturing companies. It helps companies improve the business communications, automates routine processes, and provides manufacturers with access to real-time data. It has a centralized database that allows any person to monitor another process without the help of other individual or team since all functionalities are visible. The system also enhances the production planning as well as project and cost management to meet customer needs and manage resources. Read more

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Human Resource Management (Hrms)

Nowadays, companies want more than just handling data and payroll. They already understand the importance of all systems across departments must be sync to each other. Our HRMS software can simplify employee management simplify employee management functions such as salaries, employment, and other duties. It can also track employee achievements and identify HR issues before they happen... Read more

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Sales Management (CRM)

Alpha CRM serves as a central point of customer relationships for the entire company and basically supports two key functions: salespeople and sales management services. By using this module, all transactions like servicing, marketing, and selling products to the customers will be carried out in an organized and systematic way. It is beneficial to the company to have easy access to information that can manage sales and customer relationships effectively. Read more

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Advanced Solution For Tracking Assets

The software uses the entire warehousing process from people and technology to streamline all functional areas of receiving, picking, packing, put-away, shipping and cycle counting. Read more

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Project Management

It ensures end-to-end project management tasks and resource planning and management. You can record goals and milestones and map them with actual performance. With this solution, you can generate a profitability report for each project using cost centres associated with projects. Read more

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Financials & Accounting

The purpose of the financial accounting system is to provide control and integrate the financial information necessary for strategic decision-making of the company. Its platforms provide real-time information anytime and anywhere. It also limits the manual entry by automating tasks and including tracking capabilities that help company’s regulatory compliance.. Read more

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Purchasing and Inventory

ERP’s Purchasing tool helps your purchasers make reliable purchasing decisions by giving them access to the information they need to assess suppliers accurately.. Read more


Service Processing

ERP Service Processing offers an optimal view of all your activities, appointments and resources so you can react to service requests quickly and efficiently... Read more

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Warehouse Management

Manage your warehouse properly; inventory status is tracked accurately and ensures the availability of resources. It provides a flexible and excellent approach for handling materials under one roof... Read more

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