On-the-go POS solutions which provide remarkable retail experience to more than thousands of customers and turns them into your brand advocate.

Guaranteed customer satisfaction

Sell goods and provide services to customers with convenience by having a quick and accurate receiving of orders. Accepts different mode of payments, either cash, card, cheque, etc. Establish an effective communication with your consumers through building a customer base platform that motivates them to visit your store again like loyalty program..

Exceptional data security

All your data from multiple and different POS will be stored in the cloud secured, encrypted and protected by a password. And it’s capable of providing different levels of access rights to the information per user..

Effortless installation and ease of use

Through tutorial videos, guides and 24/7 customer support, installation and configuration are no more a hassle. It can also be used and ready to trade within minutes once set-up

Start selling with Cloud POS

Our advanced POS software is a solution of choice for many business owners due to its power to streamline their everyday operations.A tool that is rated excellent and totally transform every business functions and is trusted by over thousands of client. It becomes a central hub of a business by offering a powerful custom reports and tells you how to increase your profit and reduce operational costs..

Scalable business

Manage multiple stores under one account and track your sales, inventory, employees and customers and everything you need to know in one place. Improve your sales by analysing the best-selling and determine the right purchasing decisions...

Convenient and greater mobility

Provides you the power to manage your business on-the-go, whether you are at home, or even when you are on vacation. Check and monitor your sales performance, inventory levels, and other critical business information from any of your mobile devices whenever and wherever you are..

Cloud POS Software

Why does your business require Cloud POS?

Our state-of-the-art software is constantly evolving to meet the changing demands of retail businesses. With all sales channels and retail data available from one platform, you can take an advantage of the transparency with its intelligent business analytics. Its central dashboard allows the user to review sales, customer profiles or overall business performances..

point of sale system

Stay connected with customers

Notify your customers for discount codes or promotions by having a real-time customer information database. Nurture them with loyalty points for repeat business.Enjoy the convenience of feature rich software that offers the combination of power, affordability, and convenience which makes us exceptional. Learn more about our expertise and what we can do for you. Trust our versatile point of sale solution system that suits in many different businesses and excellent in providing the best POS system experience...

Active and closed orders in real-time

Close eye management of your orders, ensuring it is accomplished quickly and it is done with complete accuracy. Each order can be customized according to its categories and types and add notes or remarks as needed..

Full sync that you can trade and sell everywhere

Multiple product records are no longer needed when you start using our cloud POS. Everything from products, customers and orders are automatically synced. Monitoring of multiple payment systems, inventories or catalogues are not necessary since everything is integrated into a single, straightforward platform..

Staff account management

Guarantee staff accountability and efficiency by monitoring completed orders through creating multiple staff accounts with a secure code. Orders and activities are properly registered and recorded under the name of the staff making it easy to review their activities and account history..

Compatible with any payment provider

Process payments and transactions with ease by connecting it to any of your existing credit card reader to accept any type of payment provider. Modern form of payment are also available and compatible..

point of sale system

Capable of providing a quick and easy access to all of your significant business data which is hosted, synced and loaded all in real-time throughout business procedures that can be served as a reference whenever a quick decision is needed..

Inventory management

With its powerful inventory feature, you will never run out of your most popular and profitable items. You will get alerts and notifications each and every time you are running low on items in your inventory and continuously order replacements on time...

What Is Cloud pos system, And How Is It Different From 'Traditional' POS?

Take full control and scale your business with POS cloud-based software. Trusted by many clients in doing all the job such as products inventory, comprehensive analytics, employee management, customer loyalty program and a lot more.

An award-winning web based / cloud based system that allows you to have an instant access to your store’s most important data in real time. Make quick decisions with the help of variety of report and sales analytics using multiple devices and platforms anytime and anywhere..Read more

pos system

POS system Cloud

Back Office: great cloud back office systems that develop the structures of you POS system. It is capable of making an important connection between what happens on the front lines of your sales floor to the process happening behind the management offices. Quick and easy accessing and retrieving inventory, performance, and finance reports.

Our leading cloud back office system also records all activity automatically and in real-time that permits you to manage your staff and keep track of their activities more efficiently. And most importantly, it ensures the security of your database with confidential information. Enhance your business with a trusted cloud back office systems design specifically for your unique business needs. With its innovative features, we guarantee a smooth and seamless, process for your business and we are always prepared for anything that you may require.

Why back office should be in the cloud?

The vital purpose of cloud back office is to help businesses accelerate the standardization of their back office functions while avoiding complicated changes in their organization. It connects customers, employees, and products into a single system, giving everyone with rights to have a consistent view of the entire journey. Through this, it is easier to make employees aware of company metrics, goals and overall progress..

Cloud POS Software
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