Serving UAE Business Since 2000


Serving UAE Business Since 2000

February 5, 2017 HRM Software 0

ALPHAHRMS with payroll management module covers all your HR admin essentials from financial to Payroll. HR software modules are the most important systems which integrates information from different applications into one universal database. It makes this software application both rigid and flexible.

With ALPHAHRMS, the customer gets unlimited document storage which can completely eliminate paper records.  Creating new or finding existing employee records is easy. Today businesses want to achieve their goals faster, ALPHA HRMS is tightly integrated with each and every module for achieving the goals faster.

ALPHAHRMS guarantees prosper in internal office operations of every company whose been using it. It streamlines the processes related to human resource and eliminates paper works and tedious tasks. It ensures proper handling of employee’s files, records and eliminates inconsistencies. It assures the business management that every confidential data are safe and secured.

ALPHAHRMS has an amazing feature which improves HR department’s routine tasks. It enhances talent with the help of recruitment management feature. This feature makes your hiring procedure advance, easy and streamlined and ensures hiring top quality talents. Upon hiring them, on boarding feature will take charge of turning them into an efficient and productive employees. Payroll management which guarantees accurate and fast processing of employees’ payroll. Attendance and leave management which tracks and monitors employees’ working hours and properly handles their leave requests and helps not to overlap and avoids affecting company projects that might cause delays. It also has training and talent management which enhance employees’ skills and boost their productivity, performance and morale.

ALPHAHRMS has been serving UAE businesses since year 2000. Being 19 years in the industry, it proves how it became the best HRMS solution with HR technologies. Without having second thought, business owners implemented ALPHAHRMS with the goal of evolving their HR department process and let this innovative solution helps them focus on the more significant aspects of their business to become competitive in their own industry and achieve their ultimate success.

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