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Our Zelenium Group developes software which always practices the organizing of design and construction of software, the beating heart of much technology fundamental to our personal and professional life. We carefully do the planning and execution to meet the client’s goals and needs. And we are making sure to react quickly and aggressively to meet ever-changing market demands.

We boasts highly skilled software dealers in UAE that provide fully customized and business centric software with both high performance and security features. Over the years, we have acquired our skills to enable us to deliver software solutions that fit your business requirements that give you a competitive edge.

Alpha Byte is pioneer in the field of ERP softwares, consultation, implementation, training and support. Strategically, we design powerful tools that enable people to access the right information at the right time and increase productivity and efficiency.

The value of custom software has never been very clear at present times. Dynamic enterprise systems are almost no longer running on software but mobile apps and other digital focal points supported by Alpha Byte’s custom business software solutions are increasingly being used to provide efficiency, facilitate work, unleash new possibilities, facilitate customer, and improve customer satisfaction.

With Alpha Byte’s custom business software solutions, your business performance will be increased and more profitable. It is an appropriate software that fits business processes that can improve business efficiency by multiple times. It can maximize ROI by increasing profits, increasing efficiency for your company, improving processes and quality, and reducing costs and cycles.

ERP Software Company in UAE

It is still challenging to create and maintain new business in the growing and profitable market of UAE. To alleviate your worries, AlphaERP solution is a universal tools that offers integration that can bring everything involved in businesses together.

AlphaERP is a business process management software and a comprehensive cloud-based ERP solution that enables you to manage all key features, including procurement, manufacturing, professional services, customer relationship management, finance, HR, supply chain and reporting, without the help of an IT department. To improve your company’s profitability and efficiency, AlphaERP provides an all-inclusive ERP framework which implements functionalities and analytics anytime.

An economical and reliable comprehensive AlphaERP is an easy to use and secure cloud-based ERP solution. Rather than concentrating on IT-related issues, it can enables the employees and management to focus on their company’s business for being the most flexible, adaptable and on-demand ERP Solution in UAE. With AlphaERP, you can experience the smooth and efficient operation and it lets you understand your business in a panoramic perspective.


AlphaERP software usually consists of several enterprise software modules that are purchased separately, based on what is best suited for your organization's specific needs and technical capabilities. AlphaERP module concentrates on one area of business process such as product development and marketing. Companies can use AlphaERP software to manage back office activities and tasks including the following:

  • reducing duplication of work,
  • business requirements assessment,
  • accounting and financial applications,
  • low-cost operations,
  • supply chain management,
  • knowledge base services,
  • configuration,
  • pricing,
  • improve accuracy of financial data,
  • project planning,
  • staff life cycle automation,
  • purchase cost,
  • manpower and payroll management.
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