Managing Time and Attendance with HRM Software


Managing Time and Attendance with HRM Software

May 30, 2016 HRM Software 2
HRM Software

All great HRM systems are provided with some of their best features to manage employees, the back bone of any organization that exists. Attendance management system in HRM Software is to simply encourage each employee to attend their work regularly on time and to motivate their co-workers to do the same. It also helps to monitor and keep track of each employee’s performance.

The Time and Attendance Management module with Alpha HRMS is an advanced Client / Server time-tracking solution that takes your staff management beyond all your expectations.

Biometric Clocks in HRM Software

Biometric time clocks in HRM Software scan the size and shape of your employees’ hands to verify their identities each time they punch. These clocks support magnetic, bar code (infrared), eye scan and proximity devices. They are programmed to perform employee validation, department/job transfers, job costing data collection and data retention.

Electronic Time Cards

Our Time & Attendance module eliminates paper time sheets and any other error-prone manual data recordings. The Time Card feature in Alpha HRMS  allows companies to approve time cards daily or at the end of each pay period. It displays actual and rounded time as well as employees’ scheduled time.


Alpha HRMS Time and Attendance System provides limitless user-defined schedules that can be assigned to groups or to individual employees. The scheduling feature allows companies to assign schedules ( Daily / Weekly / Monthly / Yearly ) also.

Policies of HRM Software

There may be differences in policies among various departments and among individual employees within an organization. Alpha HRMS Time & Attendance allows user-defined business policies at the company, organization, and/or employee level. Alpha HRMS Time & Attendance allows companies to: Configure policies for date/time, overtime, clocking for meals, breaks, and transfers and much more based on company,

Time and Attendance Alerts

Monitor employee clock in or out, early or late. Notification of employee missing a clock event Notification of specific employees upon clock in. Notify when employee clocks in and is not scheduled to work.

ALPHA-HRMS Tracking time and attendance of the employees is vital for empowering Payroll and administration departments.  Also using the attendance system will diminish the number of errors occurring when processing attendance data. The software automatically allocates the worked shift to the employee including work on Saturdays or Sundays when processing the attendance. The software calculates overtime based on the management decision on rates and requirement.

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