Sport Club Membership Management


Sport Club Membership Management

July 24, 2016 Sport Club Management Software 0

Consolidate all client data, custom membership plans, billing schedules, auto-renewal candidates and more in one system.

  • Allow staff to view member photos, status, payments, waiver status, and more upon check-in.
  • Run detailed membership, demographic, financial and accounts receivable reports.
  • Allow membership sharing for family and corporate memberships.
  • Offer members credit/debit card or direct debit billing.
  • Freeze, suspend or cancel memberships.
  • Use photo-ID, key tag or biometrics for member check-in.

sports club management software

Registration Management-Photo ID’s & Player Passes.

Make it convenient for your members and players to register for facility leagues, tournaments and courses in-person or online.Expedite the check-in process and ensure only active members are in your facility or playing in games with identification cards.

  • Publish customized forms, waivers, payment information and course summaries to your website.
  • Set registration dates, course capacity and deposit requirements.
  • Automatically organize leagues and courses by sport and session.
  • E-mail individuals, coaches, or all course registrants.
  • Run reports and rosters for entire courses or individual sessions.
  • Allow coaches to manage their own squads and team payments online.
  • Provide each member with a custom branded Photo ID.
  • Print ID cards in house (feature is compatible with most card printers).
  • Manage member check-in with ID cards and/or a barcode scanner.
  • Track member attendance with a simple card swipe upon check-in.
  • Use player pass to associate a purchase to a client’s on-file billing credit card.

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