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With Centralized Global Employee Database, ALPHA-HRMS can bring all information available in one place for running large payrolls and time attendance sheets. The AlphaHRMS software makes HR professionals’ jobs much more efficient. The HR management can avoid all manual work like writing out , filing employee information and searching through files to answer questions.

AlphaHRMS intends to maximize the productivity and efficiency of the employees in one organization. It helps optimize the effectiveness of the employees and turns them into someone who values their works. While the human resource department obtain, grow and keep talents, AlphaHRMS is a one great support in aligning their workforce and make an excellent contribution to the business.

These are the following purposes of Human Resource Department and how AlphaHRMS helps them achieve these purposes seamlessly.

  1. Acquiring Talents

One of the main responsibilities of an HR is to recruit employees. From announcing the vaccancy, identifying what will be the duties and required skills for the job up to screening the applications, interviewing and lastly hiring the potential candidates.  This process is tedious it it will be done manually. But with AlphaHRMS, everything will be automated. It has a recruitment management feature which takes care of attracting, tracking and retaining talents for the company. It enables them to handle all the CVs properly and search candidates. It also has a self-service feature for applicant to check the status of their application.

  1. Compensation and Benefits

Employees should be compensated fair and accurate. This needs to be done to avoid conflicts from employees and maintain good relationship with them. AlphaHRMS guarantees an automated, fast, accurate and efficient payroll processing. It has an employee self-service which allows them to access the complete payroll records ,view and print their own payslip.  It also properly manages the benefits of employees such as leaves, loans and insurance. Leave application can be done easily without hindering the productivity of the organization.

  1. Employees’ performance appraisal

HR is also the one responsible in facilitating when a specific employee needs to evaluate and be appraised. They are coordinating this to the department managers and performs the entire performance appraisal procedure. AlphaHRMS streamlines this process by having an automated reminder about the next action needed to be done once the candidate has been hired. HR and respective managers will never miss any notifications from the system and the appraisal will be done on time.  It also helps motivate the employees and upgrade their performance level.

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