ERP Software

How Different an ERP Software Can Be?

It is a great challenge for any business owner or management team to pick up the right software solution from hundreds of packages available in the market that can address the concerns of the business. From technology to language the solution differs from one another. ERP Software is designed to needed core processes, so ERP…
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May 20, 2016 1
Mobile CRM

Account Management and Security Features of Alpha CRM

How Can You Manage Your Office Better with Alpha CRM Account Management Module While a sales team works to close deals, it is necessary to maintain individual accounts and keep track of contacts organized for them. This account management system helps maintaining harmony and makes the process of sales to businesses with multiple contacts easy and…
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May 10, 2016 1
Payroll Software

Awesome Features of Alpha HRMS Payroll System

Alpha HRMS comes with a complete and comprehensive payroll module that automates all your payroll processes. Alpha HRMS payroll management system is an advanced client/server application that offers a cost-effective and in-house payroll system. The system allows an unlimited number of payrolls without any conflicts. Staff payment management has never been so convenient and most importantly, so…
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April 26, 2016 0
CRM Software

Lead and Territory Management with Alpaha CRM

CRM Software Lead Management Leads are important parts of any sales process. If somebody interested in your products or services, he / she is a lead for you. Once you’ve determined a lead is qualified, Alpha CRM is the best CRM Software it greatly capable of managing it throughout the sales cycle, creating and enhancing…
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April 14, 2016 2
HR Software

Personnel Information Management (PIM) Module in Alpha HRMS

Alpha HRMS HR Administrator module contains everything you need for administration tasks in your organization. The HR management system is fully integrated to avoid data errors by bringing all your information together. Alpha HRMS is the best HR Software it’s a combination of systems and processes that connect human resource management and information technology. HR…
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March 22, 2016 4
Accounting Software

General Ledger Management – The Foundation of Your Accounting Software

In Accounting software General Ledger is the foundation of any accounting system, managing which well reduces your pain of accounts management to half. With all flexibility that meets the current and future financial management requirements of organizations, the General Ledger Management System module of AlphaPRO Accounting Software offers a simple, easy to handle and error-free…
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March 11, 2016 3
ERP System

Enterprise ERP system Framework for the Futures

When you implement an ALPHAROS ERP system  solution built on Microsoft .NET Framework, you’ve made an excellent investment-for the Short and long term. ALPHAROS ERP system  solutions are focused on minimizing the cost and complexity of implementation, integration, and support by allowing your employees to focus on business processes and best practices rather than technology.…
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February 22, 2016 0