5 Reasons To Automate Human Resources

An effective human resources department is the key factor behind any successful business. They ensure that your goals are achieved by engaging the most important asset of your business – your staff! Human resources staff is responsible for hiring the right candidate, managing employee details, tracking time, processing benefits, measuring employee performance, and much more.…
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February 3, 2019 0

Major Challenges Faced by Businesses Without a Proper ERP Accounting Software

Accounting involves the process of recording, summarizing, and analyzing all financial transactions in a business. Manual accounting can lead to more complexity as your business grows. The major challenges faced by businesses without a proper ERP accounting software are as follows: Unexpected Expenses All business have a capital limit. But at some point, there will…
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January 22, 2019 0
Cloud Based POS System For Restaurant

Benefits Of Cloud Based POS System At Your Restaurant

Let us have a look at how the restaurant POS system will help your Business: Restaurant Operations Handled Smoothly You can serve more customers in less time. The Restaurant POS can eliminate certain steps of the workflow and help increase the speed of each transaction. And the more clients you serve, the more revenue you…
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January 10, 2019 0

Major Four Problems Faced by HR Departments in the Construction Industry and How to Solve Them

The construction sector is booming and its growth is continuing. This is great news for companies operating in this sector and for the economy in general. Major Four Problems Faced by HR Departments in the Construction Industry Finding skilled workers Searching for the best talent is a problem for just about for every business. But…
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January 5, 2019 0

7 Benefits of Cloud based Inventory Management software

The world has undergone a dynamic transformation of enterprise technology. Business has been growing in e-commerce and consumers have opted for online shopping rather than going to the stores. The adoption of cloud inventory management software is one way to achieve this. Explore VAT enabled Alpha PRO (Inventory accounting management software ) used by 1,500+…
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December 30, 2018 0

3 major Warehouse Safety Tips to boost productivity

What matters the most in your warehouse, security or productivity? Hope both, right? Unfortunately, many managers do not take into account basic warehouse safety tips to achieve marginal productivity gains. If you value increased productivity, you also need to give the same importance to security. The more secure your warehouse is, the easier it will…
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December 24, 2018 0

Difference between Traditional and Cloud based accounting software

Companies are increasingly turning to cloud accounting software to successfully manage their accounting, VAT and payroll. Have a look at the benefits of cloud accounting packages over more traditional accounting software. Traditional accounting software: Although traditional desktop software is useful for recording data and keeping records, there are certain things which has to be taken…
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December 23, 2018 0

Do you think that you are too small to invest in an ERP system?

Investing in an ERP system is one of the most important decisions a company can make. Often new businesses think they are too small to invest in ERP levelĀ  software. However, in the current business landscape, companies need to focus on long-term value drivers and having an ERP solution early on in their operations is…
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December 22, 2018 0

6 things to be considered while choosing a retail POS software

Whether you are setting up a retail business for the first time or you are an experienced retailer, it is essential to be successful in choosing the right POS (point of sale). Your POS system or point-of-sale is the central component of your business and is more than a means for customers to pay for…
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December 19, 2018 0

How to tackle employee performance issues in HR

All employee performance evaluations that occur will not be positive. Goals will not be achieved, employees will under perform, and as a HR manager you will need to find ways to improve the situation or separate yourself from the employee. When it comes to solving employee performance issues, it’s essential to focus on potential solutions…
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December 17, 2018 0