What is an ERP system?

MAY 09, 2018 Category: ERP Software

By 2020, more than 80 percent of software companies will change their business model from traditional license to subscription-based solution. Besides, there is no debate about whether the software industry will move to a new licensing and revenue model. Hence, AlphaEBM introduced a new cloud-based ERP solution on which the purchase will be under the...

VAT compliant ERP software in Dubai

NOVEMBER 05, 2017 Category: Accounting & ERP Software

ALPHAEBM ERP is all set to embrace a VAT Alpha Byte Computers as a global SaaS solution provider, we always being up-to-date with the rules and regulations. For GCC countries Alpha Byte provides a new version for the customers to easily upgrade with the current ERP system without much headache. Our new VAT compliant ERP software is...

Lead and Territory Management with Alpha CRM

APRIL 14, 2016 Category: CRM Software

Leads are important parts of any sales process. If somebody interested in your products or services, he/she is a lead for you. Similarly, once you qualify a lead; Alpha CRM software is capable of managing it throughout the sales cycle, creating and enhancing the sales opportunities. Alpha CRM is one of the most powerful lead management...

Benefits of Point of Sale System

NOVEMBER 05, 2017 Category: Point of Sale and POS System

Our Point of Sale System includes everything you’ll need for the cashiers and ensure smooth billing in your business operations. Depending on your needs and type of business; our point-of-sale solution is designed specifically for all kinds of retail business applications. Developed to provide an efficient and productive experience for you and your customers. AlphaPOS is very advantageous...

Hr Software Serving UAE Business Since 2000

FEBRUARY 05, 2017 Category: ERP & HRM Software

ALPHAHRMS with payroll management module covers all your HR admin essentials from financial to Payroll. HR software modules are the most important systems which integrate information from different applications into one universal database. It also makes this software application both rigid and flexible. Likewise, with ALPHAHRMS, the customer gets unlimited document storage which can completely eliminate paper records. Creating...

Personnel Information Management (PIM) Module in Alpha HRMS

MARCH 22, 2016 Category: HRM Software

Alpha HRMS HR Administrator module contains everything you need for administrative tasks in your organization. The HR management system is fully integrated to avoid data errors by bringing all your information together. Alpha HRMS is the best HR Software it’s a combination of systems and processes that connect human resource management and information technology. HR Software:...


FEBRUARY 05, 2017 Category: ERP & HRM Software

The software can schedule events, such as performance appraisals and benefit deadlines, automatically notifying if actions have not been performed. AlphaHRMS software alerts on Passport and Visa, Spouse and children’s passport and visa expiry, Licenses, Rents, and ID cards Expiry, etc. Also, alerts can monitor items such as paid time off balances, pay or performance review dates,...


FEBRUARY 05, 2017 Category: ERP & HRM Software

When the HR software department improves, it easy to obtain feedback from a variety of sources so that a more realistic view of the employees is available. It increase employee performance. Also, with the collected information, the managers can give specific advice and suggesting training systems more effectively than before. Employee performance is vital to the success...


FEBRUARY 05, 2017 Category: ERP & HRM Software

With proper use of the HR system and a centralized global employee database, ALPHA-HRMS can bring all information available in one place for running large payrolls and time attendance sheets. AlphaHRMS software makes HR professionals’ jobs much more efficient. The HR management can avoid all manual work like writing out, filing employee information and searching through...

Apparel Matrix Feature for Inventory

FEBRUARY 05, 2017 Category: ERP & Inventory Software

AlphaPRO Inventory Software has an apparel matrix feature which seamlessly manages all the processes included in clothing and apparel wholesale or distribution business. AlphaPRO inventory helps them in handle items in their inventory which comes in different varieties such as colour, size style or pattern variations. It is an agile inventory software for proper ordering...

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