Alpha PRO: The Best Accounting Software for your Enterprise

OCTOBER 01, 2018 category: Accounting & ERP Software

Accounting software helps accountants and bookkeepers in reporting an organization’s financial transactions. Every accounting system has its own uniqueness according to the product requirements. Mid and large companies may select customized software; since they have to record a vast amount of data from every department. ALPHA-PRO Accounting Software has a proven track record of helping companies of...

How ERP Software can help your Business?

SEPTEMBER 27, 2018 Category: ERP Software

With new technology at the forefront, ERP software systems have become a more advanced stage of development. Hence, the best way to meet the success of an organization or a business is by combining its processes and achieving complete control over them. Because an effective solution or software can consolidate the whole processes of each...

What is ALPHA-FXD – Fixed Asset Management?

SEPTEMBER 24, 2018 Category: Fixed Asset Management Software

Fixed asset management is an accounting process for tracking fixed assets for the purposes of preventive maintenance, financial accounting, etc. Every organization’s biggest concern is tracking their assets. Fixed asset management software helps you to track depreciation, valuation, purchase cost and profit/loss on the assets. Also, it is important for the proper functioning of a company...

Proven and Trusted Warehouse Management Software for Your Organization

SEPTEMBER 10, 2018 Category: Warehouse Management Software

Warehouse Management Software application is designed to support and optimize warehouse functionality and distribution center management. It helps improve your organizational efficiency. Furthermore, it also helps management in planning, organizing, directing and controlling the utilization of available resources. The system can also support staff in the material movement and storage in and around the house. Alpha Byte...

Why CRM is important?

AUGUST 13, 2018 Category: CRM Software

In this modern age, Customer Relation Management software or CRM plays an important role in business operations. Customer Relation Management software is an approach to maintain the company’s interaction with existing and potential customers. Most of the companies are moved the CRM processes to a digital platform. For particular customer engagement, CRM software packages can...

Smart Billing – Amer and Tasheel Software

AUGUST 01, 2018 Category: Point of Sales & POS System

Create value for your organization by investing in Alpha E-billing ( smart billing )suitable for Amer, Tasheel, and Tadbeer centers. Streamline your process and optimize your multi-generation resources through easy-to-use, push-button solutions. USER-FRIENDLY Alpha E-billing and Amer software, Tasheel software and Tadbeer software is the most user-friendly solution for Documents and Visa Typing Centers. It enables organizations to...

Who should use the ALPHA HRMS Software?

JULY 21, 2018 Category: HRM Software

Why Use HR Software? Alpha HRMS software system help HR staff automate many of the necessary tasks. For instance, retention of staff records, time tracking, and benefits, which allow HR staff to focus on recruitment efforts, employee performance, and participation, institutional wellness, corporate culture, etc. Also, these HR software tools can be purchased and implemented as...

Explore the most Innovative and Intuitive HRMS experience

JULY 21, 2018 Category: HRM Software

ALPHA HRMS provides the most innovative and intuitive user experience to give you the flexibility to accurately meet your needs. Also, modern, engaging staff Self-service HRMS software allows each employee to participate effectively in a more productive and innovative organization. ALPHA HRMS with a comprehensive HRMS solution highlights cohesive talent acquisition, HR, Payroll, Performance, and Workforce...

What expertise we have in the ERP business?

JUNE 10, 2018 Category: ERP Software

AlphaEBM has over 19 years of experience in building ERP solutions (Enterprise Resource Planning) for businesses of all types. For the next generation of business, we have updated our ERP solutions with latest technologies over the cloud. Staying up with the latest and innovative demands of today’s corporate; the world is a tough test for any organization...

Financial Accounting Software

MAY 13, 2018 Category: Accounting Software

Our new Alpha-Pro Accounting software is a financial management solution that now includes Alerts with dashboards analytics, and financial reporting , general ledger with budgeting, A/R, A/P, POs with requisitions, as well as inventory, order entry with invoicing and fixed assets. Alpha Pro VAT Software with its work-Flow allow end users to monitor and control...

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