Major Four Problems Faced by HR Departments in the Construction Industry and How to Solve Them


Major Four Problems Faced by HR Departments in the Construction Industry and How to Solve Them

January 5, 2019 HRM Software Latest News & Events 0

The construction sector is booming and its growth is continuing. This is great news for companies operating in this sector and for the economy in general.

Major Four Problems Faced by HR Departments in the Construction Industry


Finding skilled workers

Searching for the best talent is a problem for just about for every business. But for organizations in the construction sector, the problem seems to be magnified. It is essential that HR professionals in the construction industry consistently maintain a good portfolio of potential employees, even when their company is not hiring.

Using a complete candidate tracking system available in AlphaHRMS human resource and payroll application which can integrate with your company’s website, favourite job sites and social media sites; you will put your company in the best position to attract quality workers.

But finding the best talent is only half the battle. To earn their services, you may also have to compete with a multitude of other construction companies in your area. To give your organization an edge, be sure to offer attractive salaries and benefits to every worker you are hiring

Safety guidelines for the workers

In the construction sector, workers safety is a constant concern. If your company fails to take significant safety measures, it could incur high medical costs, increased worker compensation costs and even prosecution by the injured party.

Although it is impossible to completely eliminate the risk of harm to a work site, human resources departments can take certain steps to reduce the risk of serious injury to employees.

First, always emphasize the importance of safety and make sure the supervisor or supervisor understands the value your company places on a safe work environment.

Second, make sure that all employees using machines or handling hazardous materials have been properly trained.

Explore the training and scheduling module available in AlphaHRMS (human resource management software) used by 1,000+ companies in UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi etc.• Finally, make sure that strong security protocols are understood by your workers and can be adopted when needed. Supervisors need to know exactly what to do in case of an employment injury.

Lowering Workers’ Compensation Costs

In relation to workers safety, the rising costs of workers’ compensation can significantly limit the ability of a construction company to function effectively and grow.

By implementing safety standards and procedures, you will reduce the risk of injury and protect your business from the cost of dealing with large employees. But you can also take other measures.

For example, consider setting up a return-to-work program in your company that proactively helps injured employees get back to work – at least to a limited capacity – as quickly as possible

Reducing Employee Turnover

Since finding and hiring talented employees is one of the biggest problems HR professionals face in the construction industry. To reduce staff turnover, be sure to offer your employees competitive salaries ,benefits, safe and attractive work environments, and ongoing training. This will help employees to appreciate the work and increase their engagement with your organization.

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