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Kitting functionality in Inventory management software is required for retailers to group multiple items into a kit or bundle that required for special price sales.  Special pricing rules can be applied to kit items to encourage customers to buy multiple items at the same time. AlphaPRO advanced Kitting functionality is the perfect solution to help you manage production and kit assembly without material issues.

AlphaPRO kitting functionality allows you to streamline the process of storage, production, grouping, packaging and deliveries of several items collectively to make it as one unit. It is an excellent function that compiles individual parts of products together into a kit or a bundle which can be sold or shipped together.

Take the advantage of using AlphaPRO Inventory with kitting functionality and experience the following amazing benefits:

  1. Inventory with kitting functionality allows you to track items in your inventory better. Once the items are grouped together, it will have one product code only and can be easily tracked and monitored compared to numerous separate products.
  2. AlphaPRO Inventory with kitting functionality helps you reduce labour cost which is financially beneficial to the company. Through pre-kitting, there is no need for the staffs to spend too much time in collecting and packing.
  3. Helps in better cash flow management. It enhances the way you control your inventory which eliminates overstocks or out of stocks which is also beneficial to your company’s purchasing expenses.
  4. AlphaPRO Inventory with kitting functionality is also an advantage to your operations. Kitting your products saves your precious time and you can respond and deliver to your orders quickly. This develops improvement in production and outlines its procedures.
  5. Helps in reducing shipping errors. Items which is shipped as a kit or a bundle lessens the possible error in sending customer orders while fulfilling it through shipping because it allows you weigh and label it in advance. So there’s no room for mistakes and it also reduces shipping costs. Also, it lessen the possibility of customers returning the products because products are put and bundled together in the right manner to guarantee customer satisfaction.

AlphaPRO Inventory management software with kitting functionality helps you stand out among your competitors by attracting your customers using other interesting items to be put together with the one they wish to have. This helps them decide quickly with no more further research needed since you already did it for them.

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