5 Reasons To Automate Human Resources


5 Reasons To Automate Human Resources

February 3, 2019 Latest News & Events 0

An effective human resources department is the key factor behind any successful business. They ensure that your goals are achieved by engaging the most important asset of your business – your staff!

Human resources

Human resources staff is responsible for hiring the right candidate, managing employee details, tracking time, processing benefits, measuring employee performance, and much more.

If you operate a small or medium-sized business, the use of human resource management software for these activities may seem expensive. In reality, this is not the case! Automating your human resources can save you a lot of time and money.

Make your first impression count

Recent research indicates that an employee decides to stay or leave an organization within the first 90 days. The integration ensures minimal wear. However, it includes many forms, introductory programs, salary contracts, computer system allocations and training of new employees. With automation, you can structure workflows to trigger multiple actions. For example, automatically send requests for computer equipment, ID cards and give employees the right to add or modify their personal data directly. This simplifies the integration of new employees and reduces the time required to induct a new employee s

Spend less time, follow up time

A human resources manager who wastes time searching time-based spreadsheets, files or emails may end up doing just that. An average manager spends more than three hours a week sorting employee timesheets. Automation tools help track and calculate employee time, submit approvals, and send it to payroll or billing. This can also be done in real time and by configuring multi-level approvals. Time is not just saved, productivity is improved.

Make leave requests quickly and easily

Some organizations still manage their requests for leave by traditional means: e-mails, word of mouth and sometimes even sticky notes. Now, what happens if the managerial hierarchy requires multi-level approval? Or are human resources excluded from application and approval emails? The whole process takes a long time with loads of requests and approvals not found. That’s why 50% of the global workforce today prefers automated leave to instantly update employee records. This can also be managed via mobile HR applications. Now, it’s automation for you

Empower your employees

Each employee has different requirements. Some travel and must request travel requests and submit expense reports. Other people can contact human resources constantly to update their personal and professional information. As the organization grows, more and more employees need human resources assistance. Handling hundreds of employee data change requests and other requests can be difficult.

Today, human resources systems allow employees to manage all these activities themselves. For example, an employee requests internal training directly on the human resources system using Employee self service portal. HR can create a workflow to automatically add training details to the employee’s form when it is complete. As a result, employees are empowered and the burden of human resources is dramatically reduced.

Interacting with third-party system

Automation is the key to third-party integration. With Application Programming Interface (API) , information can easily be exchanged and communicated to any third-party application. For example, when a travel expense record is approved, an instant notification is sent to the accounting software to process the refund. Try our VAT enabled Cloud based AlphaPRO accounting module. It is also useful in cases where organizations use multiple systems to manage their human resource activities. Automating your human resources department helps reduce your staff’s workload, increase productivity, and increase employee engagement. Use the exclusive Travel re-imbursement feature in Alpha HRMS (human resource management software) used by 1,000+ companies in UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar,Saudi etc.Companies all over the world are increasingly adopting human resource automation tools to keep their employees up-to-date and closer to their goals. It’s time you do it too.

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