How to tackle employee performance issues in HR


How to tackle employee performance issues in HR

December 17, 2018 HRM Software 0

Employee Performance Issues

All employee performance evaluations that occur will not be positive. Goals will not be achieved, employees will under perform, and as a HR manager you will need to find ways to improve the situation or separate yourself from the employee. When it comes to solving employee performance issues, it’s essential to focus on potential solutions rather than problems. Here’s how.

State the problem clearly:

It’s hard to talk about poor output with employees, but avoiding the problem will only prolong the difficult discussion. Be specific and clearly state the problem so that your employee understands what is happening. The words of encouragement are acceptable to share, but the employee must withdraw knowing what the problem is and how to improve it.

Be specific to the employees:

To improve employee output, it’s interesting to personalize your approach. You may have to treat each employee differently to achieve the same results. Know what motivates your employees: when to intervene gently and when to be simply direct.


Sometimes employees are fully aware of their performance issues but are not able to improve the situation on their own. It is important to listen to employee concerns when evaluating performance.

Use timelines and goals

Use your employees goals as a foundation and proactively explore ways to improve their performance. If your employees are underachieving because they are not interested in the project they are working on, consider other projects within your company that may be more suitable for them.

Improved rewards

Positive reinforcement is key to maintain employee momentum. Verbal praise can be an effective way of expressing appreciation for your employees rather than offering gifts or bonuses. However, each employer should address the comments on an individual basis, depending on what motivates their employees.

Know when to let go

Letting go of an employee is an incredibly difficult thing to do. However, this may be necessary if you have exhausted all other remedies and you still see no improvement from the employee. Make sure you comply with all applicable labor and employment laws in your province or territory before taking this action.

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