Awesome Features of Alpha HRMS Payroll System


Awesome Features of Alpha HRMS Payroll System

April 26, 2016 HRM Software 0
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Alpha HRMS comes with a complete and comprehensive payroll module that automates all your payroll processes. Alpha HRMS payroll management system is an advanced client/server application that offers a cost-effective and in-house payroll system. The system allows an unlimited number of payrolls without any conflicts. Staff payment management has never been so convenient and most importantly, so accurate. The following are the major features of Alpha HRMS Payroll.

Alpha HRMS streamlines the payroll process and thereby reduces the amount of time it takes a payroll department to process each payroll. It effortlessly handles multiple payroll processing without conflicts by Pay Cycle / Pay Slips / WPS UAE.

A human resources management system is a form of HR Software that combines many number of systems and processes to  ensure the efficient and easy management of human resources, business processes and data.

Standard exporting features are provided for for electronic journal entries, retirement plan reporting, flexible spending deposit, positive pay and check reconciliations. Unlimited accruals can be defined for vacation, sick or paid time off. Plans can be tracked by calendar year. All details may be printed on an employee’s pay check or direct deposit advice.

Accrual detail is also displayed in Payroll System 

  • Multiple payroll processing.
  • Pay slips /WPS UAE.
  • WPS files to email for the WPS system.

Alpha HRMS online payroll management module provides companies with over 100 standard reports and selection options to meet your managerial, compliance, and strategic planning needs.

Reporting features in Alpha HRMS Payroll include:

  • Ability to generate standard reports to monitor employee data
  • Option to export reports in a variety of formats such an Excel or PDF
  • Adhoc report writer

AlphaHRMS is rich with different types of alerts and notifications to remind or warn you about important events. A few are given below.

  • Monitor employee pay rate changes.
  • Monitor employee deduction and benefits changes.
  • Monitor paid time off.
  • Monitor excessive gross pay during payroll processing.
  • Notification of employee deduction arrears upon termination.
  • Alerts can monitor paid time off balances, pay or performance review dates, and training and certification expiration.

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