Employee Self Service


Employee Self Service

February 5, 2017 HRM Software 0

The employees can take advantage of the Self-Service Web Portal system which gives a detail view all aspects such as pay slips, reports & updating recent personnel records for management approval. Also, an employee can communicate information within the respective departments, for example, applying for leaves, uploading documents or undertake some training courses.

HR department is probably the busiest department within the company. They are over loaded with paper works, tedious tasks and responsibilities to make sure that employee’s needs are properly handled and attended. To name a few of their responsibilities, there are talent acquisition, recruitment, on boarding, time and attendance, leave applications, payrolls, trainings and employee management. Additionally, if the company is a large one, HR departments are expected to manage thousand or more employees. Generally speaking, HR department plays a pivotal role in most companies.

Employee self-service (ESS) is created to rescue HR departments and make their life at work easy and enjoyable. It is an effective way to lessen their burdens and focus their attention on more strategic company’s business issues. ESS is helpful to HR department in many ways. It saves their time by eliminating HR recurring and manual processes. It promotes paperless office and converts HR department into a modern and digital workplace. It’s not only saving the company from spending lot of money but it also saves our precious environment.

ESS is not only beneficial to the company but for its employees as well. It serves a gateway between employees and HR department to have an efficient communication pertaining to HR related concerns and requests. It has features wherein the employees can easily view their personal data and update their personal information without asking an HR staff to do it for them. Every updates will simultaneously be reflected in the database and HR will be automatically aware about it.

Automatically, employees has their own account in ESS and can be easily accessed. It helps them eliminate all their frustrations and it will make them feel more engaged, empowered and in control. These factors will encourage them to do great in their own field of works and way more satisfied about the work environment.

Employee Self Service portal in AlphaHRMS creates transparency between employees and HR department. Employees can easily log into the portal, view their personal data such as their attendance, employee benefits and available vacation leaves for them. They can also digitally apply for vacation leave using the portal and notifies their superiors and HR about it. It also offers easy approval from managers’ side without delays. HR can also inform the employees about new policies and company programs through the portal.

Through ESS, everything will be effectively communicated across the organization. It helps the company make an important difference in their employees. Make your employees feel treasured while they are helping you in attaining your business success. And in return, they will promote your company to others and brings in top candidates to you.

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