Employee Self-Service Portal is Very Much Essential for Every Organisation


Employee Self-Service Portal is Very Much Essential for Every Organisation

December 1, 2018 HRM Software 0
Employee Self Service

Employee self-service (ESS) is the best approach which allows employees to access their payroll and personal records anytime anywhere. This concept is trending at a faster pace. ESS empowers employees and don’t let them wait for things that they can do (or manage) on their own.

Are you too busy planning strategic human resources activities? Or are you spending too much time answering emails or answering phone calls, preventing you from establishing a personal relationship with your employees? Or do you find it difficult to spend time with your employees and answer your questions about payment receipts or health care plans or tax deductions?

We understand these complexities that cross your mind. These are some of the common concerns of human resources we are familiar with.

Human resources professionals spend a great deal of their time maintaining a perfect balance on both sides of their work. What are they?

  • First, HR professionals perform all the duties and responsibilities defined by their employer.
  • “Second, a human resource person is related to” interpersonal relationships “. It is therefore their moral responsibility to pay attention to the daily concerns of employees.

Introduction of the Employee Self-Service Portal serves as a single destination where employees can get answers to all their concerns and easily complete their human resources tasks. Employees can easily request leave, download documents, view company events, and provide feedback on their computers or mobile devices. Alpha HRMS, one of the best HRMS software is used by 1,000+ customer in UAE, Oman, and Bahrain etc. In simple terms, the Employee Portal helps mobilize employees. The evolution of self-service software for employees has reduced the total time spent by human resources on document management by 80%. This seems to be a brilliant progress from “No Time” to “More Time” in the daily cycle of human resources activities.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of using modern ESS software for the employer:

  • ZERO ERRORS: Employees can enter their personal information and edit it carefully without making any mistakes. In this way, the employer can maintain an error-free database of its employees.
  • INSTANT OFFICIAL UPDATES: No need to contact each person to inform them of upcoming company events. In fact, employees can be notified of any program, event or office meeting via notifications on their system.
  • MORE BUSINESS WORK: HR can find more time to invest in strategic initiatives and make a difference in their operations.
  • INTELLIGENT EMPLOYEES: Employees have all the necessary information and can use it at any time. It makes employees happy and smart. Human resources give voice  to their employees and allow them to function well in the organization. Sometimes it is necessary to involve individual career development of employees, and this is where human resources are supposed to be. Employee self-service allows HR professionals to skip complex manual tasks and focus more on the company to provide a better employee experience.

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