How Employees are Benefited from Monitoring and Management System?


How Employees are Benefited from Monitoring and Management System?

July 23, 2019 Latest News & Events 0
employee monitoring and management system

Whenever employee monitoring and management are being discussed between managers and employees, thoughts like mistrust and increase of stress levels and displeasure are usually arising. The word monitoring itself is a delicate topic to talk about and unpleasant to hear at times. It sounds like the company is not satisfied with the employees’ credibility. And it is usually misinterpreted as beneficial to the company only and it is not favourable to the employees.

But for the company, the purpose of implementing employee monitoring and management system is just to streamline the process and improve employee proficiency. And this objective commonly fails to impart with the employees that can create a pessimistic working environment.

However, advantages of employee monitoring and management system are diverse and most of it is useful and convenient not only to the company but to employees themselves.

Here are some to name a few great benefits of employee monitoring and management system towards the employees and to assure them that this strategic move is just as beneficial to them:

Personal Productivity Assessment

Employees are able to evaluate their productivity at work. They can easily view and analyse these details in the HRMS software itself because it is properly recorded on it. It enables them to identify at what time of the day they are more productive and it helps them to manage and plan their daily tasks and schedules accordingly.

Review Impressive Feedback and Appraisals from Managers

Since Zeldesk HRMS module is always updated in real-time, the employees can automatically review comments, feedbacks and most importantly the appraisals given by their managers in every works and task successfully completed. This can help boost the confidence that makes them more efficient. They will know the areas for improvement and change their behaviours straightaway.

Overall Work Productivity for a Significant Return

Whenever productivity is being discussed with employees, normally, salary raise and/or promotion comes after. How would they convince the management that they deserve it if they weren’t able to show any proof for justification?

But with Zeldesk HRMS performance management module, employees no longer need to worry about this concern, since the management can track and be prompt about it instantly. Employees can also use this system to support and appeal for a significant salary increase and a promotion for being an effective worker.

Work-life balance

As the employees evaluate their own productivity and effectiveness by using Zeldesk HRMS talent management module, they manage to complete all necessary works and tasks on time. It eliminates the habit of working late and staying in the office after office hours or taking work with them at home which causes them not having enough time for themselves and their families. Effective employee monitoring and management system encourage work-life balance that develops employees’ personal life.

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