Contact Management Functions in Alpha CRM


Contact Management Functions in Alpha CRM

June 11, 2016 Features of CRM Software 1
CRM Software

Manage Your Contacts with Alpha CRM

Alpha CRM is the CRM Software comes with a number of extremely user friendly and highly effective contact management functions. Here are a few of them listed.

Flexible Calendaring and Events

Schedule events, tasks, milestones and set reminders and recurring tasks, assign work to other team members and automate processes with activity sets and pipelines. You can even export event data in iCalendar format or sync with Google Calendar to remain up to date on whatever platform you’re familiar with.

Notes and Comments

Alpha CRM features notes and comments for anything including opportunities, projects, emails, and of course contacts and organizations. All notes and comments are searchable with our great ‘AS YOU TYPE’ super-fast search, and you can secure your notes with our powerful yet simple permissions system.

Automatic Address Book

Automatic Address Book keeps address books up to date without having to lift a finger. And Alpha CRM cleverly uses advanced email analytics to discover the hidden associations between your contacts.


Tags can be added to contacts, organizations, opportunities, projects, and emails. Alpha CRM can categorize each item by adding the appropriate tag for instant future listing and reference.


Alpha CRM unique linking system lets you create multiple direct relationships between any of your items (i.e. emails, contacts, organizations, opportunities, projects) so that you get a real-world, 360 degree view of your customers.

Lightning Fast Search

Alpha CRM solutions includes world class real time search for everything it stores – from files to emails, contacts, organizations, projects, and everything else. Search thousands of emails, telephone numbers and find contacts in the blink of an eye.

Built-In File Sharing

Alpha CRM has great file sharing capabilities built in to keep important documents and information attached to the entities. Projects files, proposals and resumes can just drag and drop files from your desktop to attach and also sharing them with others.

Notifications & Follow-ups

Users have the ability to follow items if you have correct notifications available. Alpha CRM can notifies you when a task has been completed or when the details of a contact you’re interested in have changed. It helps you to stay updated with what’s important to you.

Custom Fields & Filters

Custom filters allow you to filter information in Alpha CRM by different criteria. You can combine multiple criteria and save filters for future use.

CRM Software improve businesses relational intelligence and sales profit.

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