February 5, 2017 Inventory software 0

AlphaPRO Inventory Software has an apparel matrix feature which seamlessly manage all the processes included in clothing and apparel wholesale or distribution business.  AlphaPRO inventory helps them in handle items in their inventory which comes in different varieties such as colour, size style or pattern variations. It is an agile inventory software for proper ordering and purchasing of products which generates profits the most.

Discover the following advantages while using AlphaPRO Inventory with apparel matrix:

  1. AlphaPRO Inventory eliminates manual data entry during inventory which reduce human errors and mistakes. It is software which definitely improves stock control. It enables you to sell and track stock based on the key descriptions such as colour, size, style or pattern.
  2. Our software reduces labour expense because all the process related to inventory became automated and systematized. There is no longer need to hire few staffs just to conduct the very tedious works during inventory.
  3. Increases accuracy: It guarantees timely and accurate details about your inventory including the time you received the goods and its movement.
  4. Manage sales order seamlessly: It enables you to allocate different price for every style, colour and size of your apparel products.
  5. AlphaPRO inventory helps you gain visibility: It allows you track your customers’ activities and buying behaviours. It shows what are the trends and most loved within your products which helps you improve the way you replenish your stocks.
  6. Sales and purchasing reports are available which is broken down by colour and size. This makes you always updated about the inventory status. It is a software which helps you in finding new strategies in purchases, sales, pricing and even customer service.

AlphaPRO inventory empowers your business to grow by having a comprehensive selection of rich features with distinctive functions that boost and grow your apparel business more efficiently. AlphaPRO Inventory together with its apparel matrix function makes you achieve the edge of being competitive among your competitors in apparel business industry.

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