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Software can schedule events, such as performance appraisals and benefit deadlines, automatically notifying if actions have not been performed.  AlphaHRMS software alerts on Passport and Visa, Spouse and children’s passport and visa expiry, Licenses, Rents, and ID cards Expiry etc.

Also, alerts can monitor items such as paid time off balances, pay or performance review dates, training and certification expirations. Templates included with AlphaHRMS software alerts for any task they want to standardize or monitor. This helps them to relieve the tremendous burden of administrative tasks. It also eliminates the possibility of overlooking HR responsibilities which involve informing managers and employees about an important task.

AlphaHRMS automated reminders and alerts can also be a form of communication between employees and HR department. This is the most important function which helps the organization becomes parallel on their journey to success. Furthermore, it is necessary for every organization to maintain the flow of information between the management and the employees.

AlphaHRMS automated reminders and alerts can be a tool to proactively deliver information within the organization. Here are few examples of alerts and reminders which can be automated using AlphaHRMS:

  1. Providing them their paid and unpaid leave updates which ensures them to comply with company’s attendance policy.
  1. Monitoring working hours of each employees and sharing the overtime cost to the accounting department and department heads to track labour cost.
  1. Setting a personalized emails to applicants who are sending their CVs corresponds to your job vacancies and enhance your recruitment process.
  1. Welcoming new hires by generating automated message for them.
  1. Notify managers and employees about performance review deadlines to streamline its process and completion.

AlphaHRMS automated reminders and alerts not only simplifies the HR department’s works. It is also a big help for the company to boost morale and efficiently improve the productivity of the employees. Reminders like birthdays, work milestones such as anniversaries and promotions can also be activated using AlphaHRMS. This makes them feel that they are well appreciated in your organization by honouring important events of their lives and recognizing their contributions towards every success of the company. Employees who feel valued perform better. If they are well-acknowledged, they will become strongly motivated which drives them to become more productive.

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