Amazing Features Of Sport Club Management Software


Amazing Features Of Sport Club Management Software

July 24, 2016 Sport Club Management Software 0


Centralize the scheduling of your physical resources and consolidate all of your classes, courses, and rentals into a color-coded schedule.

  • Schedule single resources or save time using our multi-scheduling option.
  • Eliminate double-bookings with built-in conflict resolution capability.
  • Allow staff to quickly locate available resources by day and time.
  • Alter time and location for events with our simple drag and drop option.
  • Report smarter with intuitive monthly calendar, resource usage and availability reports.


Easily define, sell and track your package offerings in-house or online.

  • Create single or unlimited session packages and session types.
  • Sell individual, monthly, or post-billed packages.
  • Allow families and friends to share packages.
  • Sell trial sessions and generate reports to track conversions.
  • Report on session attendance, trainer payroll and commission, revenue and more.
  • Use our Self Service feature to allow clients to purchase packages online.


Bring additional revenue to your facility by offering one-time or recurring rentals and special events.

  • Rent and track the availability of pitches, courts, rooms, studios and more with the help of Pitch designer (Virtual)
  • Automatically calculate rental rates based on event duration.
  • Add billable items or services (staffing fees, food, and equipment) to invoices.
  • Schedule setup, breakdown, and maintenance times for events.
  • Assign staff tasks, add notes and include setup instructions in rental details.


ALPHAROS is a fully branded mobile app for your sports or fitness business that will set you apart from the competition and allow you to engage with your clients at all times.
More about mobile App


Create complex league and tournament schedules in minutes, accept online registrations and update game stats and standings in real time. Expand the possibilities of your business while saving time with our league table software.

  • Take into account bye weeks, team preferences, tournament seeds and holiday dates expediting the scheduling process.
  • Utilize one-click fixture generation of league and tournament schedules online.
  • Offer clients a variety of league and tournament registration and payment options.
  • Allow managers and captains to manage their own squads.
  • Track league tables, scores, and participation and player stats all from a centralized system.


Consolidate all client data, custom membership plans, billing schedules, auto-renewal candidates and more in one system.
More about membership management 


Track, manage, and message your clients with ease and improve your customer experience. Develop new customer relationships using targeted marketing campaigns and engage current clients with special promotions and session reminders.

  • Create unique client profiles featuring client photos and detailed data.
  • Track all communications sent to members including calls, e-mail and texts.
  • View remaining packages and training sessions right from a client’s profile.
  • Create customized client assessment reports to track fitness progress.
  • Create customized client assessment reports to track fitness progress.
  • Send e-mail reminders for payments or package and membership renewals.
  • Send e-mail campaigns to all clients or filter down to specific groups.
  • Track coupon promotions, client referrals and free trial conversions.
  • Report on client retention efforts, bounced e-mail addresses and facility demographics.
  • Engage Membership and package renewal candidates.
  • Choose from over 500 professionally designed e-mail templates.


Automate billing, invoicing and payment schedules to ensure efficient tracking of facility revenue.

  • Create, print and e-mail branded invoices and customer statements.
  • Set rates for services, billing items, merchandise, equipment, and more.
  • Track payments, due dates, payment schedules, collections, and purchase history.
  • Automatically notify clients of expired or expiring Credit Cards.
  • Report on accounts receivable, deposits and revenue stream (GL Code).


You can save time and money by integrating for direct debit and/or credit/debit card processing services with our scheduling, management and membership software.Credit/Debit Card Processing with Optimal Payments

  • Instant payments can be processed for packages, rentals & memberships.
  • Packages can be purchased & paid for online for via our Self Service module.
  • POS transactions can be paid for there & then.
  • Working with PCI DSS Level 1 certified companies ensures all client data is safe.


Use our comprehensive POS system to manage the sale of food and beverages, clothing and equipment. Run management reports tracking inventory and sales whilst pleasing members with the option to charge items to their account or their saved credit/debit card.

  • Create and track product stock levels and supplier information.
  • Customize till preferences to speed up the sales process
  • Generate reports recording sales, popular items and more.
  • Easy integration with receipt printers, cash drawers and barcode scanners.


Centralize the management, tracking, rental and maintenance of your facility lockers. Rent and track all facility equipment and generate reports highlighting inventory levels and your most popular items.

  • Charge, record, and track custom locker rental fees.
  • Search for available lockers by size, number or proximity to another locker.
  • Track and collect equipment fees, late fees, and replacement fees.
  • Run reports to view expiring rentals during a specified date range.
  • Receive notifications indicating overdue items upon member check-in.


Avoid lines by expediting the check-in process with membership cards, key tags or biometrics.

  • View and manage client information, appointments, packages, past purchases and attendance history upon check-in.
  • Resolve unsigned waivers, outstanding balances, expiring credit cards and more as members enter the facility.
  • Print ID cards in house (feature is compatible with most card printers).


Offer your members safe round-the-clock access to your facility with ALPHASPCS integrated partner Passport Technologies.

  • Manage access to suites & control & develop databases.
  • Develop revenue by eliminating unauthorized entry.
  • Stand-alone single or two door operation using keypads, cards or fobs.
  • Networked systems allowing multiple door access for the best leisure experience.
  • Proximity, long range & unique biometric readers.
  • Specialized control boards, palm readers & GSM intercoms.
  • Turnstiles – full or waist height, booth styles – plus a combination of the above.


Encourage your clients to reach their goals by tracking their progress in specifically defined categories.

  • Create an unlimited number of assessment categories.
  • Quickly view assessment history for a specific category.
  • Generate reports displaying client success.
  • Run a report summarizing business-wide totals (i.e. weight loss per month for all members).
  • Export reports to xml file, csv, pdf, MHTML, excel, tiff file and Word formats.


Actively track, record and measure your facility’s growth with custom reports tailored to your business needs.

  • Run various financial and point of sale reports to highlight opportunities for business growth and ensure all of your books are reconciled.
  • Determine the most popular sessions, your busiest time of day, underperforming classes and more by generating booking and availability reports.
  • Analyze your client demographics, market to these groups and track your success through membership and marketing reports.
  • Export reports in xml file, csv, pdf, MHTML, excel, tiff file and Word formats.


Optimize trainer productivity, schedule recurring sessions and eliminate double bookings with our staff management features.

  • Create daily, weekly or monthly schedules for trainers and instructors.
  • Meet individual client needs by offering pre-paid and post-billed packages.
  • Create unique trainer logins to track individual schedules and earnings.
  • Define customized commission and pay rates for each trainer.
  • Run reports detailing payroll and commission totals, schedules and more.
  • Automate e-mail and text reminders to clients and trainers about upcoming sessions.


Avoid the time consuming task of manually tracking staff hours by requiring them to clock-in and clock-out at the beginning and end of their workday.

  • Create an unlimited number of job classifications.
  • Define specific pay rates for each employee.
  • Run and export detailed payroll reports to xml file, csv, pdf, MHTML, excel, tiff file and Word formats.
  • Use administrator privileges to override staff clock in/out hours.
  • Restrict clock in/out function to specific terminals.


Create, assign, track and automatically calculate customized staff pay rates and commissions.

  • Track trainer and instructor payroll for completed training sessions, non-training hours, floor hours and more.
  • Assign commission rates for sessions taught, services sold and programs held.
  • Calculate total staff hours worked with an employee clock.
  • Run and export detailed payroll and commission reports to xml file, csv, pdf, MHTML, excel, tiff file and Word formats.

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