Benefits Of Cloud Based POS System At Your Restaurant


Benefits Of Cloud Based POS System At Your Restaurant

January 10, 2019 Latest News & Events POS System 0

Let us have a look at how the restaurant POS system will help your Business:

Restaurant POS

Restaurant operations handled smoothly

You can serve more customers in less time. The Restaurant POS can eliminate certain steps of the workflow and help increase the speed of each transaction. And the more clients you serve, the more revenue you will earn and your business will grow fast. For fast food restaurants, the modern restaurant POS can simplify the transaction process for your staff. It can help them move through the lines much more quickly.

Reform Menu Price

The POS of a restaurant can break down the cost percentages of the food and the contribution margins per day and per menu item. When you know how much it costs you to make a menu item, you can spot opportunities to optimize your menu prices.

Increase up selling

When you use a point of sale restaurant system, you can customize the additional sales requests in each and every order. Let’s say a client wants to order Coffee from your restaurant. The waiter clicks on the order and before pressing send, they see a pop up with an option to increase the sale. Do you want me to make it double espresso shot? What’s up with a Donut? Sales announcements simplify the training of new staff, as it is integrated into the system.

Boosts customer retention

Create a loyalty program that rewards repeat customers and encourage them to keep coming back, and bring their friends and relatives. The loyalty program is integrated directly into the system, tracking interactions with customers and creating a customer database that you can use in other ways.

Maybe your loyalty program excites customer about saving their points for a free double coffee or visiting two days in a row because they know they get extra points.

Manage your floor in real time

Use the floor plan and administration of the table to quickly find out how much is spent on each table and when the guests sat. Hosts and managers may want to know, in real time, how long the guests take to finish their meals, so they can keep the service moving at a reasonable pace.

Reduce order errors

Nothing else slows down the experience of a customer in a restaurant that makes their order go wrong. They get a salad mixed with cream that was supposed to have no cream or that the pure veg rice was non-veg rice. These errors can cost you time, money and customer retention. With a modern restaurant POS, your servers can take orders on the side of the table on a mobile device or tablet, which helps reduce errors.¬†Placing an order correctly the first time is a long way to improve a guest’s experience that makes people come back to your restaurant.¬†t

Easy Billing

The POS of a restaurant can divide and calculate separate checks in a way that is not difficult for your staff or for your customers. Because actually, dividing checks should take only a few screen touches.

Run daily sales reports

Restaurant POS records each sale, allows you to see extensive sales reports that gives you complete view of your business performance. Just like receiving a daily health check from your doctor, you will always know if your business is in good shape or if you should strive to improve your income.

All these are possible in the best POS software for restaurants like ALPHA-RESTO. A software for restaurant is common today and most of the restaurants use this. So are you ready to change your restaurant into a smart one?

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