3 major Warehouse Safety Tips to boost productivity


3 major Warehouse Safety Tips to boost productivity

December 24, 2018 Warehouse Management Software 0

What matters the most in your warehouse, security or productivity? Hope both, right? Unfortunately, many managers do not take into account basic warehouse safety tips to achieve marginal productivity gains.

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If you value increased productivity, you also need to give the same importance to security. The more secure your warehouse is, the easier it will be for your employees to work harder, smarter, longer and better. To get the productivity boost you require without taking shortcuts and threatening your employees (and your business), check out our handy list of warehouse safety tips below that you can use today:

Train your employees on safety practices

Without well-trained staff, other tips on this list will not matter. Accidents happen more often when an employee does not know what he is doing. For this reason, training employees in warehouse security should be your top priority. All existing employees should receive periodic training to refresh their memory and maintain a strong culture of workplace safety.

Ensure employees use safety Equipment

All employees, managers and supervisors must wear appropriate protective equipment at all times. In addition to wearing personal protective equipment, all employees must use the appropriate equipment for their work. Too heavy items to be lifted with forklifts or hydraulic trolleys. Even if your employees were well trained, they could still be seriously injured if they do not wear the proper safety equipment.

Post safety procedures and emergency procedures in visible areas

To eliminate any excuse for failure to follow security procedures, wearing proper protective equipment’s, you must display your safety rules and procedures in visible places in your warehouse.

You can even consider posting safety tips to remind your employees to focus on safety first and foremost. Posters could describe appropriate lifting techniques, handling hazardous materials, how to use specific machines, etc.Instead, make sure all safety and emergency procedures are clearly visible throughout your warehouse.

Beyond warehouse safety tips:

You can do a lot more to prevent accidents and protect your employees. But hopefully this list gives you some good ideas to implement immediately, as you move forward in identifying other ways to ensure warehouse security. If you want to better manage the most important part of your warehouse – your inventory – discover how AlphaPRO inventory management VAT enabled software can streamline your business today which is used by 1,500+ companies in UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Saudi etc.




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